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best apps to detect traffic
Written by Hassan Abbas

Driving safely to avoid traffic accidents is the most important thing when we travel by road. You always have to respect the speed limits for it. This does not mean that sometimes we find a fine for speeding due to some overshoot in a particular section of the road. Therefore it never hurts to have Android tools that help us remember the presence of speed radars. Completely legal and free applications that, in most cases, also function as GPS.

best apps to detect traffic


Waze Navigation und Verkehr
Waze Navigation und Verkehr
Developer: Waze
Price: Free

I think there are plenty of presentations when talking about Waze, one of the most used social navigation apps in the world. Thanks to it we can find out which is the best possible route and discover where on the road there are traffic problems, police or different incidents. With just establishing some initial parameters we will not have to be aware of the smartphone since the app itself will indicate these issues through voice and sounds.

Fixed and mobile radars

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This application gives what it promises on its behalf: compiles fixed radars, mobiles and cameras at traffic lights in an updated way so we can avoid traffic fines. It has automatic integration with Google Navigator so we can drive to our destination while the app points out the radars. In addition, the users themselves may indicate alert points so that nothing escapes us.

TomTom Speed Cameras

More than 5 million users are waiting for you in this active community where drivers share the position of the radars on the road. Not only does it take into account the radars, but there is detailed information about the slowest sections, as well as what the average speed of the road has to be. In addition, we have the security that the TomTom brand provides in this useful tool.


Thanks to Radarbot we will have an extra help in terms of traffic radars. We will have access to an updated database on a daily basis in which we will always see the fixed, section, tunnel and mobile radars. The latter will be reported by the community itself through simple voice prompts that will alert us to these areas. In addition, the app itself will notify us about the points of dangerous circulation to be able to avoid them or to have noticed about them.

Coyote: Alerts, GPS & Traffic

Coyote: Navigation GPS & radar
Price: To be announced

Most of the apps in this list have similar characteristics, so it already enters the tastes of each one to choose one or the other. Coyote has a sober and elegant interface that allows us to have detailed information about radars instantly. Thanks to its large community of active users we will obtain up-to-date information about fixed, mobile, section, traffic light … All this offered along with its powerful GPS with which to plan our routes well.

Radar Beep

Radar Beep - Radarwarnger├Ąt
Radar Beep - Radarwarnger├Ąt

Use a GPS on your smartphone or not, Radar Beep can be integrated into your usual navigation app or work as your own. Surely we are facing the simplest speed cam warning app of all, so it is perfect for those who only wish to have the signaling of them. Its widget allows us to quickly know at what speed we have to go without spending a lot of time lost between configurations.

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