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The Cazwall repo, mostly known as Simply Caz, is a long-lasting repository of Kodi add-ons. That’s been part of the community for many years. The team delivered a really good variety of content along with its repo. Each and everything from movies to sports, TV shows to cartoons as well. Some of the highlights of the Cazwall experience also include the Caz Wizard, a handy tool. That helps the users tweak and maintain their Kodi installation and install custom builds. Just read this article to know about The Best Alternatives to Caz Repo – You Can Use. Let’s begin!

However, the 2017 DMCA takedowns didn’t directly hit Cazwall, shortly after the team announces a huge shift in direction. Rather than offering links to questionable sources, Simply Caz would rather focus on 100% legal content. This was a really safe decision on their part, however, it also meant the death of Caz Wizard, which a lot of users depend on. Now that Cazwall is effectively gone, we also went looking for replacements so that we can stream and configure our Kodi installation along with ease.

Keep Yourself Safe with a Good VPN

Staying safe online is something that each and everybody thinks about from time to time. Kodi users are especially careful because a lot of ISPs have started monitoring Kodi traffic to look for pirated streams. You guys don’t have to give up your right to online privacy every single time you use Kodi, however. With a good VPN, you can log on and stream anything you want without even sharing private information.

VPNs work via encrypting all data that leaves your device. This makes it impossible for anyone in order to track your activity or match downloads or streams to your location as well. You guys can stay anonymous along with a VPN, and you’ll enjoy better privacy and increased security, as well. Even on public networks or in censorship-heavy countries.

Selecting the right VPN for Kodi streams can be a really difficult decision. We ranked some of the top VPN providers through the following criteria in order to select the best one for the job.

  • Apps for a variety of devices actually
  • Extra security features
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Strong encryption
  • Fast speeds

IPVanish | caz repo

A good VPN for Kodi needs to strike the perfect balance between speed, ease of use, and privacy also. Most services sacrifice at least one of those features in favor of the others, however, not IPVanish. IPVanish gives incredibly fast downloads and streams via a huge network of 850 servers in 60 different countries as well. All data passing through this network is secured along with 256-bit AES encryption. DNS leak protection, and also an automatic kill switch, as well. Each and every time you log in you’ll get a fast connection anywhere in the world, all while staying completely invisible online as well.

More IPVanish features:

  • Apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and also Android devices.
  • Anonymous access to torrents and all of Kodi’s add-ons as well.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and no speed throttling too.
  • Zero-logging policy on all traffic.

The Best Alternatives to Caz Repo – You Can Use

The main exclusive feature of the Simply Caz repo was actually the Cazwall Wizard. This handy add-on gave you all the tools that you have to install new repositories, uninstall add-ons, speed up Kodi, clear out your video cache, manage builds, and much more. Along with the Caz Wizard gone, here are some good replacements that can help you keep Kodi tidy.

Before Installing a Wizard

Kodi basically comes with a few security features that help keep your system safe from malicious code actually. One of these is a setting that, by default, avoids the app from accessing outside sources. If you wish to install unofficial content, but you’ll need to toggle this off. Then it’s completely safe to do, and it only takes a few moments.

  • From Kodi’s main menu, tap on the gear icon to enter the System menu.
  • Head to System Settings followed via Add-ons
  • Toggle the slider next to the Unknown sources option as well. It will sit on the right side and turn a lighter color when it’s active.
  • Accept the warning message as well.

Note: Unofficial Kodi add-ons may feature links to content that can be illegal in your area. we do not condone or encourage any violation of copyright restrictions. Please consider the law, victims, and risks of piracy before you access copyrighted material without permission.

Brettus Builds Wizard

The Brettus Repository snagged traction after the 2017 DMCA takedowns deleted some of the more famous repos from the internet. Brettus gives a nice variety of basic streaming add-ons, however, it also has a handy wizard you can use in order to tweak Kodi and install custom builds.

caz repo

How to Install Brettus Builds Wizard

The Brettus repo is also available through a secondary repository. It needs a small extra step to install, but in the grand scheme of things isn’t more difficult to use than any other repository actually. Follow the guide below in order to install the repo, then the Brettus Builds Wizard.

  • Open Kodi, head to the main menu, then tap on the gear icon.
  • Head to File Manager > Add Source.
  • You can add the following URL:
  • Enter an easy to remember name like .toptuts
  • Tap on OK. Kodi will automatically add the repo to your sources list.
  • Head back to the main menu and then choose Add-ons.
  • Press the box icon at the top.
  • Select Install from Zip File, then choose the repo you named above.
  • Scroll down and then find the file named
  • Install the repo, then head back to the open box menu and then select Install from Repository.
  • Choose the entry named Brettus Builds Repository.
  • Now navigate to Program add-ons and then look for the Brettus Builds Wizard.
    • Tap to install the wizard. It will then be available from the main add-ons screen.

Cosmic Saints Wizard

Another wizard that survived the DMCA takedowns is Cosmic Saints actually. This basically add-on emulates a lot of the functionality provided via Cazwall Wizard and includes some Android-specific features useful for Fire TV Stick or Android device owners.

caz repo

How to Install Cosmic Saints Wizard | caz repo

The CS Wizard add-on comes just like its own standalone installation. You won’t have to install any repositories or anything like that actually, just download the file, and then you’re ready to go. Now follow the steps below to get started.

  • You have to visit the CSaintsWizard plugin download page in your web browser.
  • Download the zip file named and then save it somewhere convenient so you guys can access it again in a moment.
  • Open Kodi and choose Add-ons from the navigation bar.
  • Tap on the box icon, then choose Install from the zip file.
  • Now navigate to where you saved the file, then tap on OK.
  • The Cosmic Saints Wizard will now install in the background. You can check the main add-ons menu in a few moments and you’ll see the wizard, ready to run as well.

Turn off Auto Clean for All Wizards

One feature most wizard add-ons love to do is just clean up files each and every time you start Kodi. They’ll delete the video cache, delete thumbnails, and just generally tidy things up before you start to stream. This can be a good idea and is a really great practice in theory, however, unless you leave Kodi running all day. It can be really annoying seeing five or six of those noisy “Cache Cleaned!” messages pop up after the startup as well.

Even though most of the wizards leave the auto-clean feature enabled through default, you can instantly turn it off through navigating to the Maintenance section. Then scrolling down until you guys see something such as Auto Clean: ON. Simply highlight the entry and choose it to toggle it off. If it’s not under the maintenance menu. Now look for a separate configuration page with the auto-clean option as well.

Some wizards give you fine-grain control over what they do whenever Kodi starts up. They even permit you to schedule cleanings so that they don’t happen every time you guys close and re-open the program. In these cases, you can customize things just the way you like and leave auto clean turned on.

Alternatives to caz repo (Simply Caz) Repository

Although Simply Caz is not actually dead, most of the add-ons it featured have removed, replaced along with lower-quality, however, legal content. Using the repository now means picking via a scant selection of streams, only a couple of which focus on live cams and free TV. Your best bet is basically to move on from the Cazwall repo and then look for another resource for your Kodi content. Fortunately, there are dozens of repositories out there that make great alternatives as well!

Official Kodi Repository

The official Kodi repository also shouldn’t be ignored! The pack-in repo has dozens upon dozens of add-ons ready to install, and all of which are reliable, free of cost, and 100% legal. You can catch up on cartoons, watch live TV, dig via film archives for forgotten classics, and so much more.

How to Install Official Add-ons | caz repo

Installing add-ons from Kodi’s official repository is really easy. You guys don’t have to change any settings or add any new sources, just dive into the file, find what you guys want, then you’re ready to go as well. Follow the steps below for each and every official add-on you want to install.

  • Head to Kodi’s home menu, then choose Add-ons from the navigation bar.
  • Tap on the box icon and select Install from the repository.
  • Tap on Kodi Add-on repository.
  • Now navigate to the Video add-ons folder near the bottom.
  • You can browse for the add-on that you want to install.

seduNdneS Repo

seduNdneS is basically an unofficial repository that focuses on a choose few areas of content designed to deliver high-quality and reliable streams. You guys don’t have to worry about bumping into dozens of dead add-ons or broken links. Just install the repo, and then use the add-ons, then start your streams.

How to Install seduNdneS | caz repo

In order to gain access to the seduNdneS content, you’ll have to install the repository first, then pick and select which add-ons you want to grab. Now follow the steps below in order to get your Kodi installation set up and ready to stream.

  • Starting at Kodi’s main menu, find and tap the gear icon at the top of the nav bar.
  • Now scroll to the File Manager icon then select Add source in the left pane.
  • In the Add File Source window, just tap on the box that says <none>.
  • Then type the following URL exactly as you see it into the window that opens:
  • Tap on OK, then type a name in the box where indicated. Use something descriptive such as .sedundnes.
  • Now click OK, then return to the Kodi main menu.
  • Just open Add-ons and tap on the open box icon at the top.
  • Select Install from the zip file and choose the entry you named above.
  • Press the file marked
  • Now, wait a moment for the install to complete.
  • From the open box menu, you need to select Install from the repository.
  • Scroll down and then open the seduNdneS Repo.
  • Then enter the Video add-ons folder in order to install as many streaming add-ons as you like!

Brettus Repository

If you installed the Brettus repository above to gain access to the Brettus Builds Wizard, then you’re in luck! The repo happens to have some great add-ons. That also helps you to replace some of the features missing in Cazwall. The organization leaves a bit to be desired, however, if you’re patient and curious enough. Then you might just find some great new streams in this shiny new repository.


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this “caz repo” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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