The battle of the Titans: Huawei overtook Apple on Smartphone Sales

Written by Hassan Abbas

Huawei pushed out Apple from the second place in the smartphone market. By 2020, she expects to overtake Samsung, becoming the undisputed leader Huawei has long been among the top three smartphone manufacturers. But this Chinese company is clearly not enough. The leadership of Huawei has repeatedly said about the intention to become the leader in the global smartphone market. And the company, we must give it its due, is making every effort. Now she was one step closer to her goal, pushing Apple from second place.


The new quarterly report of research firm IDC testifies to the reshuffle, which occurred in the top three leaders of the world smartphone market. The first place, as before, is occupied by the South Korean company Samsung. But Apple lost its second place to Huawei, moving to the third line. The growth in sales of the iPhone did not help keep the position.

Huawei overtook Apple

According to IDC, shipments of smartphones for the year decreased by 1.8% and amounted to 342 million units in the previous quarter. Permanent leader, Samsung, sold in the last quarter 71.5 million smartphones and took 20.9% of the market. To get ahead and take the second place with 15.8% market share of Huawei allowed record sales growth. Last quarter, it delivered 54.2 million smartphones, which is 40.9% more compared to the same period last year. As for Apple, its market share now stands at 12.1%. Between April and June, 41 million iPhones were sold.

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It is impossible not to mention the two other Chinese companies that took the fourth and fifth place in the global mobile market. This is Xiaomi, which last quarter sold 31.9 million smartphones, and Oppo, whose smartphones sold more than 29 million.

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