The Battle Ended: Samsung Must Pay 538.6 Million To Apple

Samsung & Apple
Written by Hassan Abbas

After four days of appearances, the jury has put an end to the eternal battle between Apple and Samsung for the original design of the iPhone. The final verdict has been in favor of Apple, who will receive $533,316,606 from Samsung as compensation for having infringed their patents in the Galaxy S.

Also, Samsung will also have to give Apple another $ 5.3 million as payment for the use of two design patents. That is, Samsung will have to pay a total of 538.6 million dollars to Apple as a result of the long demand that began in 2011, with three years of trials, appeals and even a visit to the Supreme Court.

Samsung & Apple

Samsung & Apple

Apple is a self-proclaimed winner

We must remember that Samsung had already been found guilty of copying the design of the first iPhone, what was only missing was to determine how much he had to pay for this lack. The initial verdict was 1,052 million dollars, but Samsung never agreed, which led to appeals and even a complaint to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Samsung’s argument was that they should only pay a portion of the iPhone’s value, since Apple’s design patents do not cover the entire phone, so they offered to give $ 28 million. While Apple wanted the payment of 1,000 million that corresponded to the profits that Samsung had obtained from the sale of the Galaxy S that infringed their design patents.

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n the end the jury determined an amount between both proposals, remaining in 538.6 million that must be delivered immediately to Apple, which is based not on the profits of Samsung or Apple’s losses, but “in the damages suffered Apple ” within the value of the innovations of the iPhone. Something in the end very subjective but that puts an end to this dispute.

For its part, Apple already made statements claiming to be the winner: “It is a fact that Samsung blatantly copied our design, we are grateful to the jury for their service and happy that they agree that Samsung should pay for copying our products.”

On the other hand, Samsung has not declared anything so far.

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