The Announcement of GTA 6 Turned Out to be a Fake

Written by Hassan Abbas

In GTA Online appeared a pop-up window with a message that a new part of the cult franchise will be released next year.

Over the past few days, GTA Online users have watched strange pop-ups in the game informing about the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2019. Naturally, this was the reason for a real storm on the expanses of social networks and thematic resources – the fans of the franchise were very happy about this news. Pop-up messages in the multiplayer component of GTA V are programmed by the developers. Usually, there they show some actions, official news, announce invitations to the mission and so on. That’s the users and decided that Rockstar really in this way announced the continuation of the series.


True, some fans were skeptical about this news. A quick check showed that the screenshots of the players really do have an announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6. The most important thing is that gamers noticed a pop-up window playing on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. On those platforms where the user can install third-party mods or customize the interface to their needs.

Further “detectives” quickly found the reason for the announcement – the hacker simply built in his next update the mod’s information. Yes, and the company Rockstar said that this is not an official message from the developers.

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We would very much like to see the continuation of the cult franchise as soon as possible. But, you always need to soberly assess the situation. Rockstar soon gets Red Dead Redemption 2, which threw all the available resources of the company. The release of the project was postponed for 8 months, so the developer simply must do everything perfectly. Only after that will begin an active work on the Grand Theft Auto 6, which is likely to be optimized for a new generation of consoles. So the next couple of years, attention should not be paid to such announcements and pop-ups.

Via: Polygon

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