The Android Application will Show the Moon in the Sky at Any Time of the Day

Moon Locator
Written by Hassan Abbas

The developer, named on Google Play as GeneWarrior, has released an unusual application for tracking the position of the Moon – Moon Locator. The program is unique in that, thanks to the augmented reality, it adds a virtual Moon to the real world (via the smartphone camera). Thus, the user can see the location of the Earth’s satellite in the sky, even in the daytime.

Moon Locator

Moon Locator

In addition to its unique function, the Moon Locator contains detailed information about the phases of the moon, its sunrises and calls. The application displays information not only for the current day but also a schedule for changing the indicators throughout the year. The Map View function allows you to see the position of the moon and its shadow on Google Maps.

Moon Locator 2022
Price: Free

The developer collection already has a similar application – Sun Locator. It displays the same information as the Moon Locator, only in the add-on shows data about the Sun. However, to take advantage of all the features of Sun Locator, you need to purchase a paid version – in Sun Locator Lite, the functionality is limited. Moon Locator with all options is free.

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