The advertising Trojan Disguises as a Read for Fortnite

Fortnite Trojan
Written by Hassan Abbas

Many want to get superiority over other players, albeit in a dishonest way. Scammers successfully use this.

The head of the streaming service Rainway found that under the guise of a read for Fortnite hides an advertising virus. Its developers use standard tactics, promising people superiority over others in the famous game. Fortnite is an excellent choice for these purposes because it certainly is the most popular game at the moment.

Rainway did not disclose the name of the pseudocrit but told about its peculiarities (naturally, false ones): activating the auto-targeting function and getting free B-bucks (in-game currency). Not surprisingly, many players “bite” on it. If you believe the message, the malicious cheat has already downloaded more than 78 thousand times.

Fortnite Trojan

Probably, the rapid spread of cheats (albeit non-working) to games is due to the peculiarities of the work of YouTube – in the vastness of the largest video hosting it is fairly easy to find video recordings that show allegedly working programs for hacking. Perhaps hackers distribute Trojans through this kind of “advertising” on YouTube.

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The above malware is not the first for Fortnite. On the Internet, there are many portals that offer players to download an allegedly working version of the game for Android (officially Fortnite is not yet available for the “green robot”).

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