Get Active This Thanksgiving with Apple’s new Activity Challenge

Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple is sending us mixed messages this Thanksgiving. On one side it’s encouraging Apple Watch owners to get active with the Thanksgiving Day Challenge 2019. But on another side, it’s serving up new episodes of Apple TV+ shows a day early, so we can collapse onto the couch with full stomachs and do nothing all day.

If the couch sounds more tempting than a chilly November workout, you should think again. If you accept Apple’s Thanksgiving Day Challenge, it could be the most important workout you do all year.

Burning extra calories that you’ve accumulated by chowing down on delicious food this holiday. Maybe start a healthy habit, by taking Apple’s 2019 Thanksgiving Day challenge.

Thanksgiving Day Challenge: What a difference a day makes

A single workout makes a bit difference in your health. No matter how much effort you put in. The question is why does it matter if you do a workout on Thanksgiving Day?

Getting in shape is all about maintaining healthy habits that you experience over time. Sometimes people often try to get started on January 1, with a New Year’s fitness resolution. Problem is, these are infamously hard to stick to. Maybe you’re last for a couple of weeks, but eventually, you cave into desire.

In fact, with the bad weather and post-holiday blues, January is probably the worst time of year to try a new workout rule. Whereas Thanksgiving is ideal.

Small changes make a big difference over time

The reason for starting healthy habits is not to be too ambitious early on. That’s the main cause why Apple is only asking us to walk, run or use a wheelchair for 3 miles this Thanksgiving. That goal should prove achievable for most people.

By Kyle Seth Gray:

On 28 November, Apple wants you to get your exercise in by completing a 5K (3.1 miles) walk, run or wheelchair workout. But You can log your session in the stock Workout app or in any other app that records these workouts into the Health app.

As a motivation, you’ll bag special awards by completing this challenge. Like an exclusive badge in the Activity app and animated stickers for Messages and FaceTime.  Tim Cook announced this challenged in a tweet yesterday.

according to Tim Cook:

Thanksgiving Day challenge! Close your rings with your family and friends. Earn a Thanksgiving badge by moving 5K tomorrow.

The challenge is localized and limited to US-based Apple Watch owners who should receive a wrist notification this morning announcing the new challenge from Apple.  In 2016 and 2017 Apple has issued similar 5K Thanksgiving challenges.


What are your views on Thanksgiving challenges? Let us know in the comment section below!

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