Tesla Model S Had to be Extinguished Three Times After the Accident

Tesla Model S
Written by Hassan Abbas

According to a report published on Tuesday by the federal investigators of the National Transportation Security Council (NTSB), the Tesla Model S electric car battery ignited twice after a terrible accident that occurred on May 8 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, killing two teenagers.

Tesla Model S moved at a speed of 187 km/h when it crashed into the concrete fence of a private house. After that, the car continued its movement and collided with the wall again. Several witnesses of the accident say that the car immediately caught fire. Firefighters arrived at the scene, extinguished the fire, using 1100 liters of water.

Tesla Model S

On the side lay a piece of battery, torn from the body of Tesla after the collision. Despite the fact that there was no visible fire, the firemen flooded it with foam, just in case. When the car was loaded onto the tow truck, its battery ignited, but the fire was quickly extinguished. Upon arrival at the parking lot, the battery burned again, and the electric car had to be put out for the third time.

This is not the first case of ignition of Tesla cars after an accident. Earlier this year, the Model X crossover suddenly caught fire five days after the accident in Mountain View, California. And most recently Tesla Model S American director Michael Morris suddenly flashed during the movement.

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Representatives of Tesla do not comment on the latest accidents. However, after the incident in Fort Lauderdale, the company updated the software of its electric cars, adding the function of limiting the maximum speed between 80 and 145 km/h.

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