Tencent Launches Its Steam Analog

Tencent Steam
Written by Hassan Abbas

Very soon, the Chinese gaming giant will release an international version of the WeGame platform. It’s like Steam, only without Dota 2.

The company of Tencent Holdings, which owns the most profitable business in the field of video games, plans to implement a global version WeGame platform. This service was launched in China in 2017 as an analog of Steam, now the owner wants to go beyond the Celestial Empire. This is done to create an international market for the sale of Chinese game projects. In Tencent, they want local developers to easily release their interesting novelties and sell them in Europe, the US and other regions.

Steam Tencent

Steam Tencent

The global version of WeGame is still under development. Soon it will be available to foreign users. We will use it as a platform for the withdrawal of Chinese game projects outside the local market, “Tencent reported.

Analysts believe that Tencent plans through the updated version of WeGame to distribute not only Chinese games from independent developers, but also major projects of well-known foreign publishers. We all know that Valve takes a certain part of the profit from sales from all developers who sell their games on Steam. If the WeGame percentage is lower, or the studio will receive some privileges, then very soon we will see here AAA-products from Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda and so on.

Tencent Steam

Tencent Steam

In addition, do not forget that Tencent owns significant stakes in Riot Games, Epic Games, Glu Mobile and Activision Blizzard. Probably, all the innovations of these developers will also be presented on the WeGame platform. It is for this reason that the new service is considered a direct competitor to Steam, although at the moment the Chinese analog looks very weak. Large companies like EA are already selling their new products outside the Valve service. If another strong player appears on the market, with a more loyal attitude towards the developers, then the gamer will have a good alternative.

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On the other hand, talking about the imminent death of the Valve gaming platform is also not worth it. Now on the expanses of Steam, there are more than 20 thousand products. New rules for the publication of projects without monitoring by the moderators will allow to rapidly increase this figure. In addition, online in the amount of 43 million users has its advantages. Gamers buy games on Steam for achievements, mods, a large community, the ability to play with friends on one server, share screenshots and write comments on the page. In GOG also a good arsenal of gaming innovations, but the service was not able to topple the platform Gabe Newell from the pedestal. Will the Chinese get?

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