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Ten Best Survival Games for Android

Best Survival Games
Written by Hassan Abbas

The survival has been gaining whole in the world of video games over the years. This subgenre has always been among us in some form or another, although in recent times we have seen how it has become popular thanks to one of the most important titles in history: Minecraft.

The title created by Markus Persson “Notch” has clearly defined what are the keys to this type of work: open world, a game experience without final objectives and crafting as a way of life. We can enjoy these features, in greater or lesser form, in this selection with the 10 best survival games for Android. As always, the variety is what prevails in this list and that’s why we wanted to ignore the different Battle Royale that ravages mobile devices and those we’ve talked enough about.

Best Survival Games

Best Survival Games Android

Prey Day

[appbox googleplay]

MMORPG enthusiasts have found a new wave of works that combine massive role-playing mechanics with the playable base of survival titles. Prey Day is one of the last games to get on this train and stands out among its contemporaries thanks to its more urban setting. Yes, we have to fight against zombies once more, but at least their scenarios are a breath of fresh air.


[appbox googleplay com.bistudio.minidayz]

This reduced adaptation of the legendary DayZ is one of the most interesting proposals we can find in terms of pure survival. Do not be fooled by its retro-collapsed aesthetics, it’s a complete title that can not be more. We recently spoke of Mini DAYZ when referring to the most outstanding open world works and we return to it in this illustrious list. It is more than clear that it is a game that we are passionate about.

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The Last Maverick

We have not wanted to put any of the millions of Minecraft clones that are on mobile devices, but we have chosen to give love to this nice game of survival. No, there are no voxels here, but we have a raft on which we will build our history as we venture into the sea. Eye your excellent pseudo-cel-shading graphics and be very careful with sharks.

Alive In Shelter

[appbox googleplay com.pokulan.aliveinshelter]

It would be very boring to assemble a list with the best of the genre and only include titles that you all know by heart. Here we come to play and rummage in the Android catalog since there are jewels like Alive In Shelter that deserve all our cheers and applause. Not because of its graphic aspect where the pixel is the master, but because of its complicated gameplay that will make us find ourselves again and again with the end screen of the game. Surviving a nuclear disaster is never simple and more so when we have a family to defend and provide.

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Black Survival

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Before the words “Battle Royale” referred to a subgenre that PUBG and Fortnite are celebrating, we talked about a mythical Japanese movie that many of us still conserve in our imagination. We have to survive on an island full of dangers, although in Black Survival the action is somewhat slower because it is a game that mixes concepts of strategy and role. His marked manganime accent is sure to motivate a good part of the gamer community, but its main attraction lies in its complex entrails.

Shadows of Kurgansk

[appbox googleplay com.gaijindistr.freeabandoned]

Once again we tell you about the Zone. Once again we talk to you about Shadows of Kurgansk . We return to the zombies in a survival title, but here at least we face a different atmosphere to the usual: we will attend in the first person to a post-apocalyptic world that seems out of the excellent STALKER A great game where the tension emerges in each one from its corners.

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

[appbox googleplay]

Among the many clones of Last Day on Earth that we find on Android, probably Grim Soul is our favorite. We are not always faced with a game that embraces dark fantasy, and that everyone has danced to the sound of Dark Souls, but this Grim Soul does everything very well. The game of Kefir does not innovate in the playable, but it is impossible to resist this dark world more typical of the mind of Kentaro Miura.

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Day R

[appbox googleplay com.gm_shaber.dayr]

The classics are forever and Day R has a good time stumbling around the smartphones and tablets of the girl. We are not going to discover anything new about this godchild of Fallout, but we must point out that the game keeps updating and improving its characteristics to continue on the crest of the wave. And well he does.

ARK: Survival Evolved

[appbox googleplay com.studiowildcard.wardrumstudios.ark]

We thought that the day would never come, but finally we can say that ARK: Survival Evolved has reached Android. We do not know if it has taken too long or not (hello Fortnite ), but we have spent a good time disguising their many clones . We must congratulate ourselves on the arrival of ARK: Survival Evolved , a successful game on Steam that transports its Jurassic ambience to our mobile devices.

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Last Day on Earth

[appbox googleplay zombie.survival.craft.z]

We already have a few lines talking about the games based on Last Day on Earth , but the original is still king. You know what this is about: collecting materials to the end, crafting and crafting, and eliminating enemies that get in our way. One of our favorites of 2017۔

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