Telegram for Android has a “Passport”

Written by Hassan Abbas

The Telegram instant messenger team is preparing to add the Telegram Passport user identification system to its service, which was reported last month. At the moment, this functionality is already being tested in the beta version of the application Telegram for Android.

The corresponding option of the settings menu in the “Privacy and Security” section appeared in Telegram Beta version 4.8.10 (1305). It opens access to the user’s personal information, which will be protected by a password and two-factor authorization.

In the Telegram Passport section, you can add a phone number, e-mail, address, residence permit, passport, driver’s license or another identification document, as well as utility bills and bank references. Telegram promises that all personal data and documents are not transmitted to the server, they are protected by end-to-end encryption.



What is it for? In essence, Telegram creates a single authorization service that will be integrated into various sites in the future and thus will allow them to authenticate users following the example of how authorization works through Google, Facebook or OAuth. But, as many says, Passport is primarily created for the TON (Telegram Open Network) and the future Gram cryptocurrency. That is, it is nothing else than the basis for a new controlled payment facility in the messenger itself and beyond.

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When the whole system will work and whether it will work in the whole world at all – it remains unknown, but some payment services have already announced its support. So, for example, access to technology has already received Qiwi.

In Telegram Beta 4.8.10 (1305) there are other changes that have come to the back burner. The developers have announced the editing of already sent media files, the ability to mark chats as read / unread, speed up the playback of voice and video messages, preview the conversation on holding on the avatar in the chat list, as well as the function “Hint of people when searching.”

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