Telegram can not be completely blocked

Written by Hassan Abbas

Alexei Volin, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of Russia, stated with regard to Telegram that Pavel Durov and his company have all the necessary resources to resist blocking. According to the statesman, this is one of the leading reasons why the messenger could not completely block on the territory of the country. This is reported by the TASS news agency referring to its correspondent.

Speaking about the state of Telegram, Wolin noted not only the long-suffering messenger but also other “big players” who are able to avoid locking themselves. He noted that this is something that you just have to accept.


“Completely today, in principle, it is impossible to block anything on the Internet. If the one you block has enough intellectual, material and IT resources, then a large player in a locked state can be avoided. This is the reality with which we must live, “Wolin told reporters during his working trip to Rostov-on-Don.

On August 28, Telegram agreed to cooperate with special services within the framework of the updated privacy policy. Now the company can disclose the IP-address and phone number of the user in case of receiving a court order confirming the suspicion of terrorism. At the same time, messages from Russian special services will not be considered by the messenger.

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Recall that the lock Telegram is effective from April 16, when Tagansky District Court of Moscow made a positive decision in favor of Roskomnadzor. Nevertheless, the messenger is still available for Russian users, including without a proxy and VPN. The agency reacted to the new confidentiality policy with restraint, reminding that Telegram has not yet provided the FSB with encryption keys for accessing the users’ correspondence.

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