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Use WhatsApp For To-do List

User Guide on How to Use WhatsApp For To-do List

Use WhatsApp For To-do List: Most ideas are lost since you fail to quickly act on them. However, some apps work exclusively to remind us of the pending work. Also, more often than not...

Remove Media From Particular WhatsApp Chat

Remove Media From Particular WhatsApp Chat: WhatsApp now becomes a must-have on our mobile devices. Everyone knows about this app as a universal global chat app. Even if there are several alternatives available. However,...
Delete WhatsApp AccountTo yourself

Send WhatsApp Messages To yourself

Send WhatsApp Messages To yourself: There are lots of methods to share the files between PC and mobile. However, transferring one or two files, we prefer WhatsApp Web to share the data between PC...
Backup WhatsApp Media

Backup WhatsApp Media on Google Photos

Backup WhatsApp Media on Google Photos: We can’t avoid WhatsApp on our mobile device. You can use any messaging app, but, WhatsApp becomes a universal messaging service app on all smartphones. Because of its...
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Download Whatsapp Dark Mode

Download Whatsapp Dark Mode: WhatsApp is one of the most popular and amazing texting apps in the world. So much so that in some countries it has entirely replaced the native SMS system. Throughout...
New Google Chat feature

New Google Chat feature in Google Photos

New Google Chat feature: Thanks to the unlimited free storage of high quality, Google Photos has emerged as the most popular Photography app in the business. Besides crossing the 1 billion users-landmark, Google is still...

How to FaceTime on Android

FaceTime on Android: For a long time, Android lovers have a desire for a platform that offers the same abilities as that of iMessage on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. After different attempts, Google started...

New Private Messaging Feature in Google Photos

For the past few years, the Google Photos app has grown into a widely used service across different platforms. Perhaps, its only way users shared photos with each other as it involved creating a shared...

How to Get Call Waiting Feature on WhatsApp

Waiting Feature on WhatsApp: If someone tries to call you on WhatsApp when you’re already on a WhatsApp call, then the caller received a busy tone. This was because you can't bother at the...
Ultimate Flying Car Simulator for PC

Want to hold a call on WhatsApp? Let’s Check it Out

WhatsApp has an amazing ‘Call waiting’ feature for Android phones. The new and amazing call-waiting feature on WhatsApp currently works on for version 2.19.352 of stable release and versions 2.19.357/2.19.358 on beta channels. What is...