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where are text messages stored on android

Where are Text Messages Stored on Android

Most of the world has moved on from SMS, but it is still one of the most popular methods of sending messages in the US. It's an unfortunate requirement here for many, and it...
iMessage waiting for activation

How to Fix “iMessage Waiting for activation” Error

When you are setting up a new phone or simply switching phone numbers or carrier. You may encounter iMessage and FaceTime activation issues. In this post, we will find out how to fix “waiting...
Set up Messages Backup

Set up Messages Backup and Restore

Set up Messages Backup: Everyone makes mistakes and there are chances when we might have deleted a text before realizing that it was actually an important one. It happen when you were deleting a...

Notification Management Tips & Tricks [Android devices]

Notification Management: Android as an operating system and it has become the most used mobile operating system in the world. Google includes some useful features into the Android operating systems such as: Custom DNS...

How to use Pushbullet Android app [Guide]

Pushbullet Android app: When you’re at your office, engaging to meet a deadline, it’s not difficult to forget about your smartphone for a while. Taking a break from your smartphone is a welcome change,...

How To Activate RCS Messaging in All Android Mobiles

RCS means Rich Communications Service. It is expected to take over from the native SMS/MMS on Android. We all know that SMS text messages on Android are limited in many aspects; you can’t send...
How To Backup Your Android Device Without Root

How To Take Backup Of Your Android Device Without Root

Here is how to backup Android without root. The most useful feature of the Apple iPhone is the backup of the files which is done religiously from time to time. Users can backup data,...