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apple watch gps vs cellular

Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular – What is the Difference

In addition to the different case sizes, materials, colors, and also band types, the Apple Watch actually comes with one of two data systems: GPS and GPS + cellular. We have found all the...
chromecast audio alternatives

The Best Chromecast Audio Alternatives

It is time to bid farewell to Google's audio streaming dongle, the Chromecast Audio. After a significant price drop late last year. It is stock has since been depleted in the Google store and...
Play on Zoom Online

Best Math Games You can Play on Zoom Online

Battling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the definition of outside interaction has changed drastically. With strict lockdown protocols still in place in most countries, physical, traditional hangouts sessions have gone out the window, and we...
Microsoft Launcher vs Samsung Launcher

Microsoft Launcher vs Samsung Launcher – Whats Better!

Days of feature-heavy, bulky, flashy ROMs and launchers are behind us. This new breed of smartphone users wants efficiency and clean design. And the developers have been doing their best to facilitate their customers’...

Review on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 : Perfect Budget Phone with best camera

Redmi lineup from Xiaomi has these days been held to encompass the new Redmi Note eight series. After thoroughly testing and utilizing the Redmi Note 8 that sits under Note 8 Pro, in phrases...

New gestures addded to iOS’ native video player with AVPlayerPlus

Whenever you faucet on a video inside the cellular Safari internet browser, which includes on YouTube or otherwise, iOS shows that video in a familiar interface called the AVPlayer. Like most video gamers, iOS’ local...

OPPO Find X – a Smartphone That Everyone is Talking About

OPPO is a company that many people could hear about, but not all of them saw its products. The fact is that the company likes to sell devices in Asia, although it now marks...