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Delete Duplicate Photos

How to Delete Duplicate Photos in OS x Photos

The Photos app is a tool Apple includes in the stock installation of macOS on every Mac. It’s a way to view and manage your photos and videos on your desktop. And the app...
Neon Sketch Line Effect

Get Neon Sketch Line Effect on Photos – Tutorial

Neon filters are all now the new rage on social media sites. They help to make mundane photos interesting all the while helping your subject pop out from the background much more easily. A...
Watermark Photos Using Snapspeed

Watermark Photos Using Snapseed

Watermark Photos Using Snapseed: Rather than Android, Google also offers a wide variety of products that offer to better your productivity. However, One product is Snapseed which is an app that can enhance images with...
Get Date wise location History

Get Date wise location History [User Guide]

Get Date wise location History: Except for saving information like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and other settings, the camera app on a smartphone device also saves the location details of every single picture that...

Find and Remove Permissions on Google Drive

Find and Remove Permissions: If you are the one who is using the internet for a while, chances are that you’ve used your Google account to sign in to an app or service. There...
Set up Messages Backup

Set up Messages Backup and Restore

Set up Messages Backup: Everyone makes mistakes and there are chances when we might have deleted a text before realizing that it was actually an important one. It happen when you were deleting a...

Restore Contacts from Google: How To?

Restore Contacts from Google: So have you lost your phone or reset it by mistake and you think you lost all of your contacts that were save on the device. Don’t worry about it....

Add Tags and Keywords to Photos on Mac

Add Tags and Keywords to Photos on Mac: A little amount of time spends while organizing your photos. Similarly, if you take a bit of time to add tags to your photos, this can...

User Guide: What is Google Photos Chat?

In 2019 Google declared that Photos had crossed the devotional 1 billion users milestone becoming its ninth product to do so. Many smartphone users already know all about the blessing that is Google Photos....

Add Text Effects on Snapseed [User Guide]

Add text effects on Snapseed: Editing is a fundamental part of photography, helping you to turn good shots to great ones. While smartphones have come a long way into capturing pictures as good as...