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how to get us netflix in uk

How to Get US Netflix in UK on iPhone – Tutorial

Watching movies on the iPhone is actually really good. After a few minutes, your eyes adjust to the small form factor and you can also dive into the experience on the screen. Since Netflix...
Disable Netflix Auto-play Previews

How to Disable Netflix Auto-play Previews

Disable Netflix Auto-play Previews: Netflix auto-play previews can be quite irritating. If you like to browse the service without previews playing whenever you roll over a piece of content. However, Netflix defaults automatically playing...

Search Netflix and Disney+ Movies & TV Shows on Google Play Movies

Search Netflix and Disney+ Movies & TV Shows on Google Play Movies: With the number of streaming services, chances are you’ll be finding it hard to look for which one to subscribe to. It’s...

Take Screenshot Privately On Chat Without Being Detected

How to take a screenshot privately on chat without being detected: With so much content being shared online, it’s sometimes tempting to want to take screenshots of whatever you see. But you never know...

BritBox UK Streaming Service Launches For £5.99 per Month

BritBox, a streaming service offering shows from ITV, the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5, has launched in the United Kingdom (via BBC). Priced at £5.99 a month, the joint-venture between ITV and the BBC is...

How to Remap the Netflix button in Nvidia Remote?

Recently, NVIDIA released two new devices into its SHIELD series; the new devices are an upgraded set-up box and a revamped streaming stick. NVIDIA customers have long waited for these devices to launch, and...
apple tv +

Ad Data Points to Apple’s ‘Slow Roll’ Promotion of Apple TV+

Ad Data Points to Apple's 'Slow Roll' Promotion of Apple TV+: Following Friday's launch of Apple TV+, new information on Apple's television and on-line advertising spend reveals that the corporate is taking a "slow-roll" approach...
Ingress Anime Series

Netflix will Show a Series Based on the AR-Game Ingress

Anime will be released in October this year, along with the continuation of the game - Ingress Prime, which will intersect. Before the game Pokemon Go captures the immature minds of teenagers has slipped incredibly...
Stranger Things for Netflix

Telltale Games are working on a game based on Stranger Things for Netflix

Yesterday Telltale Games announced that they are working on creating a game based on the crazy-popular TV series Stranger Things. It will not be the usual interactive movie, but something even more simplistic. This is...

FilmStruck Wants to Rival Netflix Thanks to its Catalog for Movie Lovers

The opening of Netflix to a large part of the world has meant that people are no longer afraid to pay monthly to enjoy streaming services. Well, some "blame" also has Spotify. But speaking...