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Location on Apple Watch

Location on Apple Watch: How to Send?

Location on Apple Watch: Whether you’re traveling to city or just out for a walk or market. You may want to let your friends or family know where are you. In our guide, you'll...

Delete iPhone Text Messages: How to?

Delete iPhone Text Messages: There are some text messages that you want to keep and other messages that you don’t care about. Sometimes there’s one message you want to hide it from others or...

Bulk Delete Messages on Android

Bulk Delete Messages on Android: Before the likes of WhatsApp, Signal, and Facebook Messenger, SMS inboxes used to be an exciting place. With all our loved ones and close friends texting, we couldn’t get...
Blocked Numbers On iPhone

Newbies? Blocked Numbers On iPhone

Blocked Numbers On iPhone: In older days the only way to block people is to either take the phone off or unplug it from the wall. But nowadays, we can block people with a...