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Zoom Extensions For Google

The Best Zoom Extensions For Google Chrome

The Google Chrome Web store is full of fun extensions and applications. Some of these are just automation based, where they use native script already available, However, some genuinely add value to other applications....
Grid View not working

What is Google Meet Grid View – How to Download Chrome Extension

Google Meet allows users to conduct group meetings of up to 250 participants in a single call but at a given time, the service only allows you to view 16 participants when viewing each...
Browsers For Android Mobiles and Tablets

Best Browsers For Android Mobile & Tablets

Best Browsers for Android Mobile and Tablets: Searching for a perfect Browser for your Android is a difficult process. Yes, Make sure not all browsers are compatible with your mobile and your preference. For...
Send Numbers From Google Chrome

How to Send Numbers From Google Chrome to Phone

Send Numbers From Google Chrome: Google tries to add many sync features between your PC and Mobile. You can also use some third-party apps. Recently they added the “Send link to the phone” feature. After...
Reset Google Chrome Flags

Reset Google Chrome Flags on Android

Reset Google Chrome Flags: Rather than being the default browser on Android, Google Chrome is the most popular and web browser for smartphones. It offers themes, extensions and advanced users Chrome Flags. Chrome Flags...
How to delete preinstalled apps on android

Remove Pre-Installed Apps on Android

Remove Pre-Installed Apps on Android: The smartphone world is always in a state of flux. No manufacturer can show the daring of resting on its laurels. Competitors always attempt to break new ground. However,...
use gmail offline

Want to Use Gmail Offline? Here’s the User Guide

Use Gmail Offline: There are so many reasons why you may not have the internet connection available with you. For example, during flights, or power outage. But it’s good if you were able to...

Brave Browser: What is It and Should You Stop Using Chrome

Brave Browser: If you’re reading this on your smartphone or laptop, then you might be using Google Chrome as your default web browser. Google’s web browser has always taken the lead in terms of...

Guide on How to Import Bookmarks to Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android now lets you import all of your Bookmarks to Chrome from the Android browser to Chrome beta. Chrome for Android syncs together with your Google account, but it does no longer...
Fix Chrome Hangs on Windows 10

How to Fix Chrome Hangs on Windows 10

April 30 officially came out a major update for Windows 10 called April 2018 Update. And many users noticed that the Google Chome browser began to hang after upgrading to a new version of...