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Find and Remove Permissions on Google Drive

Find and Remove Permissions: If you are the one who is using the internet for a while, chances are that you’ve used your Google account to sign in to an app or service. There...

Find Signed In Devices on Google with your Google ID

Find Signed In Devices on Google: It’s a huge fact that Android mostly depends on Google and its services. When setting up a new Android phone, just sign in to your Google account before...

Google Photos Chat Feature to Share Photos & videos

For Android, iOS, and web Google announced a new feature update to Google Photos. This new feature has private messaging functionality. The functionality lets users can choose to share pictures and videos with others...
Windows 10 Chrome

Sign in to Windows 10 will be through a Google Account

The "Corporation of Goodness" will finally allow its users to use the Google account to verify the identity in Windows 10. The Chrome Story portal found in the source code of the latest build of...