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Download Hik-Connect APK: How to?

Download Hik-Connect APK: You can download and install Hik-Connect 4.0 APK to manage and view Hikvision cameras on your tablet or Android phone. The brand new Hik-Connect 4.0 APK is now available for download. It...
Fingerprint lock on Whatsapp Android

Guide to Enable Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp for Android smartphones

Brought the much-wished protection function, TouchID, and FaceID lock to iOS in advance in 2019 and has sooner or later decided to roll out this feature to Android as well. While you may already...

Latest Lock WhatsApp Feature with Fingerprint on Android

In its state-of-the-art update, WhatsApp has added new capability within the app that lets customers lock it immediately via fingerprint. Seeing how users have already been making use of 0.33-party answers to feature a...
Speedup Fingerprint Sensor in your Android Mobiles

Speedup Fingerprint Sensor in your Android Mobiles

Many Android users using the fingerprint sensor instead of face unlock. They are facing some trust issues in that lock, even if it is fast compared with the fingerprint lock. Many users complained that...
Vivo X23

Vivo will speed up the screen fingerprint scanner in new smartphones

As part of a special conference in China, Vivo announced a new technology for screen scanning of fingerprints of the 4th generation. Together with her Chinese manufacturer announced a technology called DSP Acceleration, developed...

Chrome for Android and Mac now supports fingerprint scanners

Probably, you will not be able to pass authorization on fingerprints websites for a while - sites should implement support for a new API. In the latest beta version of the Chrome 70 browser for...