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Hide Files and Folders on Mac Using Terminal

Hide Files and Folders on Mac: If you have some hidden files on your Mac that you want to hide from Finder, there’s no setting or switch. However, there is a Terminal command you...
Quick Look in Apple

Preview Items in the Files App: Quick Look in Apple

Quick Look in Apple: iOS 13 and iPadOS make it easy to look at the contents of a file with Quick Look, a quick preview feature that launches on the Mac as part of...

Why Files Should be Your Default File Manager?

Why files should be your default file manager? In the early days, Files by Google used to be a simple storage organizer, possessing the power of dejunking your device by canning unnecessary files. Files...

Hidden Data volume: Created By macOS Catalina Installer

On the surface, the macOS Catalina installer appears to copy the operating system files to the startup disk of your Mac. But you may realize that it actually splits your boot volume into two...