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Pause Digital Wellbeing Wind Down Mode

Pause Digital Wellbeing: Many of us sleep with their phone next to us. Google provides a native tool inside Android that can help you to prepare for your sleep. Using Wind Down Mode, you...

Apple new Watch Series 6 to Feature Faster Performance

While the Apple Watch Series 5 lineup became released much less than months ago. rumors are already looking in advance to next year. In a research word with investor firm TF International Securities, seen...

Latest Lock WhatsApp Feature with Fingerprint on Android

In its state-of-the-art update, WhatsApp has added new capability within the app that lets customers lock it immediately via fingerprint. Seeing how users have already been making use of 0.33-party answers to feature a...

How to use the Unsubscribe feature in Mail on Mac

How to use the Unsubscribe feature in Mail on Mac? When you shop online, make a reservation, order delivery, or something similar, you can easily end up on a mailing list. And many times,...

The Latest iPhone SE 2 expected to include an improved antenna

TF International Securities examiner Ming-Chi Kuo has turned into the go-to hotspot for news on iPhone SE 2. And keeping in mind that we're as yet not certain that is the thing that it...

Latest features Added in Galaxy One UI 2.0 Android 10 Smartphone

Android 10 is here, and Samsung needs to refresh its Custom Skin OS. The One UI to work consistently with the most recent Android for its bolstered cell phones. The supported gadgets to run...

The new iPhone SE 2 feature improved antenna Expected in early 2020

Word on the streets is that Apple is buildings an “iPhone SE 2“, a successor to that famous version that can sometimes release in early 2020. The rumors refuse to die down, too, suggestings that...