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Suggest Friends

Where is the Suggest Friends Option on Facebook

Facebook is a popular and great way to connect with your friends and family for free. I was trying to suggest a friend on Facebook to another one of my friends today. Also, I...
use Messenger Rooms

User Guide on How to use Messenger Rooms

As the world starts to cope with the new normal of staying indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook has started rolling out Messenger Rooms for users across the globe to help keep you connected...
WhatsApp Business account to Facebook

Link your WhatsApp Business account to Facebook Page

If you have a WhatsApp Business account, you probably already have a Facebook page too. Here, we take a look at how to link your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook page so that...
Logout from Facebook Messenger

How to Logout from Facebook Messenger

Logout from Facebook Messenger: We all know that Facebook always caught on many controversies. But still, it is the most used social media network in the world. The platform has tons of active daily...

Stop Website Sharing Data on Facebook

Stop Website Sharing Data on Facebook: Everyone is familiar with Facebook. However, Facebook always following us and recommend the earlier purchased products or we don’t want products. Also, If you see the products on...

Jumbo for iPhone: A Powerful Privacy Assistant

Jumbo for iPhone: Jumbo promises to make it easier and to take control of your data, privacy, and security. By making it easy to remove your social profiles with just a few clicks. All...
New Google Chat feature

New Google Chat feature in Google Photos

New Google Chat feature: Thanks to the unlimited free storage of high quality, Google Photos has emerged as the most popular Photography app in the business. Besides crossing the 1 billion users-landmark, Google is still...

How to FaceTime on Android

FaceTime on Android: For a long time, Android lovers have a desire for a platform that offers the same abilities as that of iMessage on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. After different attempts, Google started...

Facebook fixes iOS app camera bug

Facebook has pushed out a new build of its iOS app that corrects a previously-identified bug that could accidentally activate the iPhone’s camera. The new version (build 247) is available for quick download from...
lite apps for google go

Lite Apps For Low RAM Android Smartphones

Lite Apps For Low RAM Android Smartphones: Majority Big Memory consuming apps have their alternative Lite apps for limited RAM mobiles. Google is very serious about these kinds of apps. As we know that...