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Use Full-Screen Mode on Mac:

Use Full-Screen Mode on Mac

Use Full-Screen Mode on Mac: Full-screen mode on Mac is the easiest and simple way to have an app you’re using to cover the entire screen. This is the best thing like design and...
Westworld for PC

Lock the Dock on Mac to Stop Unwanted Changes

Lock the Dock on Mac: If you want to spend time customizing the Dock on your Mac, it can be annoying when something gets changed by someone else. You may let someone use your...

Set up and Use Hot Corners on Your iPad

Set up and Use Hot Corners: Do you know anything about Hot Corners? iPadOS 13.3 adds a Hot Corners feature that similarly works as it does on the Mac. By clicking and holding in...

How to customize your Dock? [Newly iPad User]

Customize your Dock: If you purchase your first iPad, then you’ve probably been having some fun getting everything set up. From wallpaper selection to configuring your Mail app, there are lots to do. It...

Little11 Augments older iPhones with Modern Gestures & Features

Little11 augments older iPhones: Now that we live in a day and age in which edge-to-edge displays are the norm for Apple-branded smartphones. Those sporting traditional rectangular displays are starting to show their age...