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Fix Zoom Error

How to Share Screen on Zoom – Audio, Video and More

From superfast meeting scheduling to rapidly improving safety and privacy options, Zoom. The most trending video conferencing platform on the planet — has done a commendable job at handling the unprecedented surge during the...
use Messenger Rooms

User Guide on How to use Messenger Rooms

As the world starts to cope with the new normal of staying indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook has started rolling out Messenger Rooms for users across the globe to help keep you connected...
Record video on Snapchat

How to Record video on Snapchat without holding the Button

Snapchat has recorded its highest number of users, following the social distancing protocols put in place for the COVID 19 pandemic. Not only do users send snaps of day-to-day goings-on, but Snapchat has also...