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Transcribe Request to Siri

How to Transcribe Request to Siri in iOS 14

Sporting a pretty compact interface, Siri actually looks better in iOS 14. Rather than taking over the entire screen, the virtual assistant appears at the bottom. With a tiny animating avatar, it no longer...
message preview iphone

How to Hide Message Preview iPhone – Tutorial

The lock screen of an iPhone (or iPad, iPod touch) defaults to showing a preview of all the received messages and SMS. That is showing both the sender's name and the content of their...
wifi no hardware installed

How to Fix WiFi no Hardware Installed Error

Most of the Mac users may encounter a stranger wi-fi issue where the wireless menu icon has an “X” in it. And the wi-fi dropdown menu actually says “Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed”. Since we...
cannot open page

How to Fix Safari Cannot Open Page Error

Have you guys ever tried to visit a web page or web site with Safari? And the browser that gives you the “Safari Can’t Open the Page” error message? It stops you in your...
Remove Uncover Jailbreak

How to Remove Uncover Jailbreak on iPhone

So, you guys have tried out the new Unc0ver jailbreak and also decided it is just not for you. Or maybe it’s time to sell your iPhone or iPad for a shiny upgrade as...
wifi no hardware installed

How to Find Lost Password on Mac – Tutorial

With so many passwords to remember for many websites and also even applications, it’s really easy to forget them unless you have made a note somewhere safe. Unfortunately this is not always the case,...
Change Apple ID Profile

How to Change Apple ID Profile Picture – Tutorial

Apple has made it really easy to showcase your picture on your Apple ID. If you have never set a profile picture on Apple ID or are just tired of seeing the same old...
Bluetooth Not working Fix

Apple iPhone Bluetooth Not Working Fix – Tutorial

Making Bluetooth connections with peripherals and all other devices from your iPhone or iPad is a really simple and straightforward procedure for the most part. However, most of the time you might run into...
iphone x black screen

How to Fix iPhone X Black Screen – Tutorial

When your iPhone X gets stuck on a black screen and refuses to power on, then it may be because of system error or hardware damage. Any device regardless of class or variant can...

What is mdworker and Why They are on Mac

Have you guys ever wonder what the ‘mdworker’ process was on a Mac? mdworker is actually a short for ‘metadata server worker’ and if you’re still confused then don’t feel bad. mdworker is actually...