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web video caster

How to Stream Videos Through Web Video Caster

With so many different Chromecasts, Rokus, Apple TVs, and other video streaming devices on the market. Simply streaming a video from your phone to your TV is not as straight forward as it should...
Best Apple TV Radio Apps

Best Apple TV Radio Apps: Let’s Enjoy Music

Best Apple TV Radio Apps: We listen to the radio in our cars or on our iPhones and iPads, also on our Mac, so why not listen on Apple TV? For some refreshing background...
Get 12 months Apple Arcade

Get 12 Months of Apple Arcade in an Exciting Price

Get 12 months of Apple Arcade: If you’re paying for your Apple Arcade subscription month to month then the best thing is to switch to the annual subscription and save your money. Follow our...
Apple rebrands WWDC app as Developer

Apple Rebrands WWDC App as Developer

Apple’s WWDC app has been a prop for Apple developers attending or interested in the latest happenings. As its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which happens every June near Apple headquarters. The company declared late...
Apple TV jailbreak

Apple TV (4th Generation) Checkra1n tv jailbreak now available

Much of this past week’s information has been all approximately the newfangled checkra1n jailbreak for sure iOS gadgets suffering from the checkm8 bootrom exploit. However, turned into everybody questioning approximately the progress on support...
Connect Apple TV‌

How to Connect Apple TV‌ with latest Xbox One Controller easily

Want to use a Connect Apple TV‌ with a wireless Xbox controller? The Xbox One controllers are terrific for gaming, and so in case you play games or Apple Arcade on Apple TV you...

BritBox UK Streaming Service Launches For £5.99 per Month

BritBox, a streaming service offering shows from ITV, the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5, has launched in the United Kingdom (via BBC). Priced at £5.99 a month, the joint-venture between ITV and the BBC is...

The Apple TV branding madness

The Apple TV branding madness: You gotta feel for an average consumer who has to be nothing if confused about the meaning of the “Apple TV” brand name. Is it just a media streamer...

25% of US Apple Customers Own an Apple TV, Survey Suggests

25% of US Apple Customers Own an Apple TV, Survey Suggests: Almost a quarter of Apple customers in the U.S. own an Apple TV according to new data shared by (CIRP). As reported by...

Use picture-in-picture with the TV app on Apple TV

Picture-in-picture is one of those nifty features that lets you watch two videos at the same time. You can have a show your watching and listening to in full-screen view with a smaller window...