Tablet sales continue to fall, but not the iPad

Written by Hassan Abbas

By 2023, the supply of tablets will be reduced by 2-3% annually, while the share of the iPad will gradually increase. According to Digitimes Research, global tablet shipments in 2018 and 2019 will drop to 141 million units per year. The reason for this is the appearance on the market of smartphones with large screens. According to analysts, this reduction will continue until 2023, although by this time the decline will slow down a bit and will be about 2-3%. That is, it can be assumed that during the years 2021-2023, the global supply of tablets will be at least 120 million pieces annually.

In order to somehow stimulate the market and increase the demand from consumers, large companies will try to offer optimal prices, thereby undermining the growth rate of the supply of tablets of little-known or unknown manufacturers. It is expected that the share of the latter in the market will drop to 10-20%. The situation with the weakening demand for tablets will continue, but the only segment where improvement is possible is 9-inch devices. Their sales may increase due to purchases in the field of education, as well as at the expense of those users who are likely to want to exchange their old smaller gadgets for modern models.


Currently, the maximum display size in smartphones is 6.99 inches. A screen of this size is installed in the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 phablet. In the near future, the tendency to increase is unlikely to go beyond 7 inches. Digitimes expects that after 2020, the most popular will remain tablets with displays from 9.7 to 12.9 inches.

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The most interesting thing is that analysts do not associate the decline in demand for tablets with Apple products. In their opinion, the proportion of Cupertins will gradually grow in the next five years. In particular, thanks to the release of the entry-level iPad and longer support for their devices.

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