What Does SUS Mean in Text – Know all About it

what does sus mean in text
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Well, social media is ruling the world of the Internet at present, and it is also an integral driving force that is currently shaping everyone’s life. Both from an entertainment point of view as well as from a professional front too. The uses and advantages that social media has to offer are as diverse as they can get. People are building whole careers based on social media and are tapping into the abundant resources and utilities that are also available today. Well, thanks to the advent of technology and globalization. Just read this article, to know all about What Does SUS Mean in Text – Know all About it. Let’s start!

Along with the boom of social media, a lot of other factors have also emerged along with it. One principal constituent of social media is texting and chatting along with one’s loved ones. It also helps us to stay in touch with everyone we wish to. But, no one likes the tedious process of typing in a really extensive, formal language whenever texting. Thus, everyone prefers to use shortened forms of words, also including abbreviations. It helps the user significantly cut down the time taken in typing as well. Plenty of shortened forms of words, as well as abbreviations, are in vogue now. Some of them mostly do not even represent the actual word! But, being aware of all these terms and their usage has become mandatory now to stay relevant.

So, one such term that has been making rounds recently is actually Sus. Now, let us now learn what does Sus mean in text slang.

What does sus mean?

Well, considering that it is also from the words ‘suspicious’ and ‘suspect’. Its actual meaning is also along those lines. Sus, we also use to express suspicion about someone or something. It is mostly used as a reaction to a piece of information that the person has learned. Such as, Person 1: I just heard Dwight’s not coming to school today. Person 2: Hmmm, that’s sus.

The term sus relies on context since it can be used interchangeably along with ‘suspicious’ or ‘suspect’. Relying on what the sentence calls for, you can interpret the term accordingly.

What Does SUS Mean in Text – Know all About it

The term Sus is currently in use across multiple social media platforms. The basic definition of the abbreviation Sus also indicates being ‘suspicious’ of something or labeling someone/something like a ‘suspect.’ This primarily indicates being wary of someone and also refusing to trust them completely. The factor of doubt is present in the equation we share along with them. But, we are also mindful of the fact that the origin of Sus could be slightly dispute because of various reasons. As a result, it is important to learn about this fact as well, along with knowing what does SUS stands for in texting.

Origin And History

The actual origin of the term Sus dates back to the 1930s as well. Surprising, isn’t it? It was first used via policemen and many other officials involved in law and order in the region of Wales and England as well. Unlike the present times, the police did not really use this term to call someone suspicious or label them as suspects. They would use this term in order to imply the discovery or collection of important information and evidence. Such as, English cops would use phrases such as “sussed some details out” or “sussing out a felon.” Right now, the term is in common use, that indicating the action of letting out a secret.

Another piece of history associated with this term actually involves an oppressive and fascist practice employed via the British police in the 1820s. This led to the specific nickname gaining prominence around the 1900s. The law was dictatorial and tyrannical, giving the British law and order officials absolute power. And control to detain any citizen they considered suspicious and offensive actually. The Vagrancy Act of 1824 conceded the British police force in order to arrest anyone who seemed to be susceptible to committing crimes in the future.

This practice was also considered to be of practically no use as there was no relevant change in England’s crime rate because of the administration of this law. It actually led to further persecution of the marginally oppressed groups living in England, specifically the blacks and browns. This law created a lot of unrest and played a huge role in the 1981 Brixton Riot of London.

Currently, the term does not hold any controversial perspective that is attached to it. It is used in mostly harmless and fun contexts, the most famous platform is the game. That shot to stardom recently, Among Us. Now let us look at the usage of the term ‘Sus’ throughout multiple platforms and also understand what does Sus mean in text slang.

In Texting

The term ‘Sus’ is now a part of our each and everyday conversation. As a result, it is really important that we understand what does SUS stands for in texting. Mainly, this abbreviation is used to represent either one of the two words, suspicious or suspect as well. It is always used in an interchangeable manner and also does not mean both the definitions at when in any context.

This term basically rose to prominence mainly via TikTok and Snapchat, two of the most widely used social media applications at present. But, people have begun using this term in texting a lot recently., and thus it is used a lot in Whatsapp, Instagram, and multiple other platforms also. It basically indicates that someone or something seems sketchy and we cannot trust easily. To understand what does Sus mean in text slang, let us just try to simplify the meaning via looking at some examples.

Person 1: Rachel canceled the dinner plan at the last minute.

Person 2: Well, that is really unlikely of her. Kinda sus, I must say!

Person 1: Gordon cheated on Veronica, apparently!

Person 2: I always thought he was acting sus.

Usage In Instagram | what does sus mean in text

Instagram is yet another famous social media application. Chatting and texting on Instagram we primarily do using the Direct Message (DM) feature as well. Here, you can also use the term ‘Sus’ in order to search for stickers while texting your friends.

  • First of all, open Instagram and then tap on the Direct Messaging icon.
  • Now open a chat and then tap on the Sticker option at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the Search panel, whenever you guys type ‘Sus’, you will view a lot of stickers that are related to the term.

In Snapchat

While understanding what does SUS stands for in texting, another predominant domain in which we actually have to concentrate is Snapchat. It is actually a social media application that is used via millennials widely. One of its most used features is actually the ‘Snap’ option. The term sus can be used to reply to your friend’s snaps, as well as you can even add it to your own snap.

Snapchat also contains stickers that basically incorporate this slang term, and also users can add it to their snaps.

  • First of all, open Snapchat and choose a photo or select one from your gallery that you would like to upload.
  • Next, tap on the sticker button, that is present on the right side of the screen.
  • Now, type ‘Sus’ in the search bar as well. You guys will view many relevant stickers that are based on the theme of being a suspect or suspect.


GIFs are a fun social media tool that can also use whenever texting to express the emotion you wish to convey. These are stickers that can also be used across multiple social media platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Since we are trying to understand what does Sus mean in text slang, it is also important to look at this aspect also.

The user can actually use GIFs directly from their personal keyboard. This way, you can also use it across all platforms conveniently. Now let us see how we can use this option too.

  • Just open any messaging platform. We are demonstrating it via WhatsApp now. Head to the chat in which you would like to use GIFs.
  • Tap on the ‘GIF’ icon that is located in the bottom panel.
  • There, type ‘Sus’ in the search box to see the list of relevant GIFs.

In TikTok

TikTok users always make a lot of references to shortened terms and many other abbreviations regularly. The constant influx of new trends keeps on increasing the definitions and slang terms that are in use here. In TikTok, the term Sus is used to refer to someone who actually behaves in an unusual or weird way. That is considered to be away from ordinary.

It also indicates a certain sense of disagreement between the folks who are involving. Whenever their preferences and your preferences clash, you guys could claim that they are acting ‘Sus’. A person might also get labeled as sus if they are at the wrong place at the wrong time as well. That leads them to blame for something they did not commit.

In Among Us | what does sus mean in text?

what does sus mean in text

After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and also its complete upheaval of 2020. All Internet users were at their wit’s end and driven to the edge of boredom as well. During this period, a spaceship-themed multiplayer game called Among Us rose to prominence actually. The simplicity and unpretentiousness of the game actually made it an instant hit amongst players throughout the globe. Many Twitch streamers and YouTube personalities live-streamed the game, adding to its popularity.

So, how does our question of what does SUS stands for in texting relate to this game? This game is actually the source from which this term actually became well-known and widely used amongst social media users and gamers. I order to understand this in-depth, we have to look at the nuances of the game.

The spaceship-themed game actually revolves around crewmates and impostors. Random gamers are selected to be impostors at different turns as well. The game’s goal is just to discover the identity of the impostor and eject them from the spaceship before they even sabotage the spaceship and kill the crewmates as well. If the latter happens, then the victory will belong to the impostor(s).

The players can also chat amongst themselves in order to discuss the identity of the impostor. This is where the term ‘Sus’ comes into play too. Whenever chatting, players refer to someone as ‘Sus’ if they feel that the specific person is the impostor. Such as,

1st Player: I think I saw orange venting at electrical

Player 2: That is really sus man!

1st Player: Cyan seems kinda sus to me.

Player 2: I saw them at the scan; they aren’t the impostor.


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