Survival Game SCUM Comes to Steam in August

Written by Hassan Abbas

Devolver Digital and Gamepires announced today that they will start SCUM’s Steam Early Access program, an open world survival game. The long-awaited, highly anticipated and exciting game mechanics will enter Steam on August 2018. In order to celebrate this announcement, the distributor has released new screen images of SCUM and a trailer you can watch from below.

SCUM is a multiplayer making a dream that wants to evolve into an open world survival suit. The rating will include unpredictable sections, character customization options, an innovative control, and progress system. At the same time, your ultimate weapons for long-term survival at SCUM will be your knowledge and personal abilities.



In the vote, a more detailed system will be used, unlike other survival craft. For example, metabolic rate and body mass index will be effective. It will also affect the physical activities you do in the kiln race.

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The characters created by the players in SCUM will also be affected by the rain and the sea. For example, your character who has been standing in the rain for a long time may have the flu. Even more, your clothes will become heavy and your speed of running will be affected. The more different fabrics will have water differently.

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