Surface Phone Renders Demonstrate Xbox Virtual Gamepad

Xbox Virtual Gamepad
Written by Hassan Abbas

It’s been more than two years since we first heard about the mysterious folding mobile device Microsoft, code-named Andromeda (or Surface Phone). We have seen a huge number of patents filed by Microsoft, as well as concepts drawn from various rumors and leaks. The most interesting at the moment are the renderers created by Austrian designer David Breyer at the end of 2017. The other day Breyer returned to his concept with new images of Surface Phone.

According to the designer, the folding device Microsoft will work in several modes. For example, in laptop mode, a keyboard with various keyboard shortcuts is displayed at the bottom of the screen, something similar to the Apple touchpad.

Xbox Virtual Gamepad

In the game mode, instead of the keyboard, according to the artist, will be a virtual gamepad. It completely copies the real controller from Microsoft Xbox. There are 10 function buttons, including the D-pad, the Xbox Guide, and two joysticks. Probably there is also a function of vibration feedback.

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Replacement of the real physical controller Xbox to virtual, probably, does not make any sense, say experienced gamers. Although, on the other hand, now some manufacturers have already introduced laptops in which instead of a physical keyboard – the second touch screen, so the idea is not so fantastic.

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