Use Sunflower to Re-active iPhone’s 3D Touch in iOS 13

3D Touch
Written by Hassan Abbas

One of the most controversial changes in iOS 13 becomes the elimination of 3-D Touch capability in the region of a brand new feature Apple calls ‘Haptic Touch.’ While this could’ve made the experience for handsets that lack 3-D Touch-geared up presentations. Apple purposefully disabled this hardware with the discharge of iOS 13 such that even devices with 3D Touch-ready displays might utilize Haptic Touch rather.

3-D Touch

If you have been amongst the ones disappointed by means of Apple’s selection to nix 3-D Touch, then you definately’ll be satisfied to recognize that a newly launched jailbreak tweak for iOS 13 dubbed Sunflower by iOS developer LaughingQuoll allows you to get your treasured strain-primarily based 3D Touch gestures back.

3D Touch

Sunflower by iOS developer 3D Touch

Curious how it works? Well don’t suppose too hard – it surely makes use of a software hack to disable Apple’s new Haptic Touch function and re-allows stress-touchy gestures on gadgets that guide it. Sunflower receives to paintings straight away after set up; it doesn’t come with any alternatives to configure as it’s an unmarried-purpose tweak.

3D Touch

Obviously, Sunflower can’t deliver 3D Touch to gadgets that didn’t already aid it. So it’s best meant for handsets that could distinguish a firm press on the display from an ordinary tap. Handsets older than the iPhone 6s don’t assist 3-D Touch, and the same may be stated about handsets more recent than the iPhone XS. In the center of these thresholds, simplest the iPhone SE and XR lack 3-d Touch-successful hardware.

3D Touch

If you please in downloading Sunflower. Then you may snag it without cost from the Chariz repository in your package deal manager of preference. The tweak best helps jailbroken handsets running iOS 13. As iOS 12 already helps 3-d Touch on devices with capable hardware.

Will you be putting in Sunflower, or are you satisfy with the new Haptic Touch? Let us recognize the comments.


So one can say that the 3D touch will not be available now. The users can enjoy Haptic touch that is a new feature for users. This feature adds in iOS 13. The new feature can use in iOS devices that support 3D touch. Now the 3D touch has been disabling in almost all IOS 13 devices.

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