Studio Enplex Games studio makes its version of No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky
Written by Hassan Abbas

Studio Enplex Games has set itself a rather ambitious task – to create an AAA-level project about survival in the setting of space. Population Zero promises us an open world with huge locations and amazing landscapes, multiplayer and sophisticated survival mechanics. Something reminds No Man’s Sky, but we hope that the “our” result will immediately turn out as they want gamers. The space topic here will be involved on a smaller scale, so there is no need to explore galaxies in search of resources on spacecraft. The tasks and the player are more mundane.

No Man's Sky

At the beginning of the development, we already knew what the result would be. This will be an AAA-level project with elements of survival and the most interesting mechanics that can be found in multiplayer games. Our task is to create a really interesting virtual world, where the gamer will be interested and where he would like to return. An important role is played by the survival in the company of friends, plus the setting about space and science fiction of the 80s looks very attractive, “said Vladimir Makarychev, executive producer of Enplex Games.

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The developers have told a bit about the plot of the storyline, which is quite interesting. Usually, in the projects about survival, the plot is taken to the background, paying more attention to the gameplay component. Here we will be told the story of the wreck of the ship Artemis, which went to the planet Kepler-438b with a detachment of people on board. In order to save at least some part of the crew, the ship fires capsules with passengers in the direction of the planet. Although the survivors are not very welcome reception – the new world is very aggressive. Smart predators, bad weather, hunger and unexplored territories are just a small part of future gamer problems. The announcement of Population Zero is scheduled for the end of 2018, so it’s not worth waiting for an early release.

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