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Stickman Fight The Game 1.3.5 Apk – Download for Free

Stickman Fight The Game 1.3.5 Apk
Written by Hassan Abbas

Stickman Fight The Game 1.3.5 Apk – action-arcade with the drawn little men who fight in the most unusual locations. The player is invited to feel in the role of the real ninja and use as a weapon sharp swords, axes, firearms and another arsenal of weapons. Furthermore, the character can jump high, dodging punches climb walls and overcome with prolonged chasms trap.

The first thing you need to get acquainted with the game mechanics and management. Character behaves quite unusual, but the movement of the body and damage it blows itself is quite resemble real life. Beat the best in the head, the chance of critical damage is much higher in this case.

Stickman Fight The Game 1.3.5 Apk

Stickman Fight The Game 1.3.5 Apk

Several Different Modes to Play:

There are several modes in the game: the arcade divided into levels, and also the endless mode in which the most important thing is to hold out as much as possible. In the case of the first mode, everything is much simpler – you need to deal with all enemies using weapons or fists. If you want, you can try to push your opponent into the abyss.

One of the most important criteria for winning a battle is the pumping of the character and the available weapons. There are also four types of bonuses that allow you to: get a shield, restore health, increase damage and get a random weapon.

Stickman Fight The Game 1.3.5 Apk

Stickman Fight The Game 1.3.5 Apk

Pros & Cons:

+ Realistic physics
+ 9 cool worlds
+ Large selection of weapons
+ Unique characters
+ Multiple game modes
+ Convenient control

What You Need:

Download: Stickman Fight The Game 1.3.5 Apk

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Download & Stickman Fight The Game Apk

Stickman Fight: The Game
Stickman Fight: The Game
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

You can download this Stickman Fight The Game 1.3.5 Apk from the link below. And after that, there is a tutorial on how you can install this mod on your device. Afterall, just installing the Apk won’t do any good, you need to do it in a proper way.

Step 1: Download the Apk file, copy it anywhere on your Android device.

Step 2: Install the Apk file and after the installation, disable your internet connection.

Step 3: Open the game and wait till it loads completely.

Step 4: Come back and start playing the game.

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