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How to Fix Steam Transaction Pending Issue

Steam Transaction Pending
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Steam is inarguably one of the leading vendors in the world of video games as well. Each and every day, thousands of transactions basically occur on the platform as more and more folks purchase their favorite games. But, these transactions aren’t just exactly smooth for all the users. If you guys find yourself struggling to buy a specific title. However, can’t seem to complete the purchase, read ahead to find out how you guys can fix the pending transaction error on Steam and resume gaming without even any issues. Just read this article to know all about How to Fix Steam Transaction Pending Issue. Let’s begin!

How to Fix Steam Transaction Pending Issue

Why is My Steam Transaction Pending?

Whenever it comes to payments and purchases, Steam actually has a reputation for being incredibly safe and reliable. Thus, if you guys find yourself struggling with a transaction, then there’s a high chance that the error has been caused via your side.

Two of the most common issues that actually cause the pending transaction error on Steam are poor connectivity and incomplete payments as well. Just like that, the error could be caused via a problem in the Steam server that is causing all payments to halt. Well, regardless of the nature of the issue, the steps mentioned below will guide you via the process and help you guys regain payment functionality on Steam.

Cancel all Pending Transactions in Purchase History

If your transaction is still pending after 15-20 minutes, then it is time to head to the purchase history menu of steam and also clear all transactions. From here, you guys can cancel your current transaction and then try it again. As well as you can cancel all pending transactions in order to open up room for new payments.

  • On your browser, Just go to the official website of Steam and log in along with your credentials.
  • If you guys log in for the first time, you might need to complete the double authentication process via entering a code that actually comes through your mail.
  • When you guys reach the login page of Steam, just click on the small arrow next to your username in the top right corner.
  • From the list of options that appear, you have to click on ‘Account details.’
  • The first panel within Account Details should also be ‘Store and Purchase History.’ A few options will be visible on the right side of this panel as well. Tap on ‘View purchase history’ in order to continue.

Steam Transaction Pending

  • This will basically reveal a list of all your transactions via steam. A transaction is incomplete if it is ‘Pending Purchase’ in the Type column as well.
  • Tap on the incomplete transaction in order to get help with the purchase.
  • In the purchase options for the game, then tap on ‘Cancel transaction.’ This will also cancel the transaction and, based on your mode of payment actually. Also, refund the amount either directly to your source as well as your Steam wallet.

Try Different Payment Method to Fix Pending Transaction

If the Steam application continues in order to show the pending transaction error in spite of your best efforts. Then the error probably lies along with your mode of payment as well. Your bank might be down, as well as the funds in your account might have been blocked. In situations just like these, try contacting your bank as well as wallet service and purchasing the game via another mode of payment.

Confirm the Status of Steam Servers

Steam sales, although amazing for the users, can be really taxing on the servers of the company. If you bought your game during such a sale or even during high activity hours, a slower Steam server could be to blame.

In situations like these, the best thing you can do is wait for a while. The servers may be functioning slowly and affecting your transaction also. If patience is not your strong suit, then you can check the status of the Steam servers on the unofficial Steam Status website. Here, you have to note if all the servers indicate normal functioning. If they do, then you are good to go. You can also eliminate poor servers since the cause of pending transactions in Steam.

Try Purchasing via Steam Website

With the purchase canceled, then you might be compelled to try again. This time instead of using the Steam application on your PC, then try completing the purchase from the website. The website version provides you with an added level of reliability along with the same interface.

When you guys have resolved a Steam pending transaction error on your account. Then you should be able to enjoy your purchased games any way you guys like. You can also stream Steam games to Android devices, for instance, permitting you to play them on mobile. You may also want to set up a Steam Link to stream to other types of devices, as well.

But, if you’re still having issues along with Steam itself, you may have to run the client in Administrator mode. When Steam is working, then you may want to consider via Steam Broadcasting. In order to share your gameplay with the wider world. Although you guys may find a bigger audience via streaming on Twitch or a Twitch alternative rather.

Contact Steam Support

If all the methods have also been tried and also fixed pending transaction error on Steam still survives. Then the only option is just to contact customer support services. Your account might be facing some turbulence resulting in faulty payment services as well. Steam also has one of the most user-friendly customer care services and will also get back to you soon since they find a fix.

Turn off All VPN and Proxy Services

Steam also takes security and privacy very seriously, and all malpractices are quickly blocked. Although using a VPN service isn’t really illegal, Steam does not allow purchases via a fake IP address. If you guys happen to use a VPN as well as a proxy service on your PC. Then just switch them off and try purchasing it again.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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