Steam Starts Full Anarchy!

Written by Hassan Abbas

Within a few weeks, Valve employees discussed possible censorship options for projects that are published on the Steam platform. First, a shooter was blocked about shooting at the school, then the novels with an erotic component were badly affected, even the anime was partially planned to be banned. The final decision surprised to the depth of the soul – Valve decided to skip on Steam absolutely all games if they do not violate the law and are not frank “trolling”. I remember that in 2017 the company’s employees promised to get rid of poor-quality games. Eh, there were times.


Steam Library

We went back to the principles that were in our head when we just launched Steam – Valve should not make decisions for others. If you are a player, we should not choose for you what content to buy, and which one to leave behind. You yourself must make this decision. If you are a developer, we should not decide for you what content to create. Our role is to provide gamers and studios with an opportunity to feel comfortable, – a message from the official blog Valve.

In addition, in the future, noticeably reduce the number of curators who control the release of projects on Steam. From now on all games will be resolved, except for those that violate local laws. For this, Valve will continue to monitor, because problems with the laws of individual countries can cause financial damage to the company. Instead of living employees, Valve plans to use sophisticated algorithms to filter out unnecessary content for each individual user. And, of course, developers will also have tools to protect themselves from dishonest negative assessments.

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We already have ready-made tools for players, but they still require detailed configuration. They will allow you to completely redo the recommendations to not see the content that you are not interested in. For example, if you do not want to see anime projects in the Steam store, you can make this choice. In addition, you can customize the algorithm for your children so that they do not see the prohibited content at all, – said in Valve.

Now the tools and new algorithms are not yet ready for release, so it’s not worth waiting for the cardinal changes in Steam in the near future. On the other hand, sooner or later the system will be redesigned. At that time, the most popular playground for selling games will turn into a real hotbed of slag. It’s not entirely clear how Valve came to this decision, but we just have to accept it.

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