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Steam Link comes to Android, Allow You to Play Your PC Games on Mobile

Steam Link Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

Valve has launched this morning the beta version of Steam Link, an application with which Android users can use on their compatible phones or tablets their PC games. In addition, it is also compatible with Android TV, so if you have a Mi Box or similar you can also convert it into a PC game console.

The application is available for free, and what it does is retransmit the game to the device from your computer. This means that the way the latest games released to the market will look will depend on the power of your computer, which is going to be moving, while the mobile will only do the screen.

Of course, what you can do is connect to your Android device a control command to manage the games. And not only physicists, since Steam Link is compatible with a large number of Bluetooth controls, keyboards, and mice, including the Steam Controller that Valve manufactures to be able to use it in practically all PC games.

Steam Link Android

This is how Steam Link works for mobile

This application for mobile devices uses the same retransmission technology that Valve already uses in its Steam Link hardware. An H.264 video is encoded in real time on the computer, and sent to the Android device through the home network, using a custom low-latency network protocol.

Then, the streaming arrives at the client that we have downloaded to the mobile, and this is responsible for playing on the screen the signal that comes from the PC. Come on, the mobile is not responsible for moving the game, although it can send control signals with the commands that we have connected. The fluency of the retransmission will depend largely on your home network, but the power of your mobile will also be important to be able to process everything and move it at a good speed.

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If you see that your home network is not enough to play a game at a decent resolution, in the advanced settings menu you can adjust the resolution and bitrate of the games to optimize the experience and to go as smoothly as possible.

Steam Link Android

The idea of Valve is to optimize its application to the maximum during this beta. Its goal is that in 5 GHz networks can be used resolutions from 1080p to 60 FPS with good quality, but with a particularly powerful computer and mobile and making the connection through Ethernet , something that could be done in the case of Android TV, they hope to be able to retransmit with a resolution of 4K to 60 FPS.

Android today is a little chaotic in terms of different aspect ratios on mobile and tablet screens. To fix it, Steam Link will automatically add black bands at the edges to deal with different aspect ratios, and the video of the broadcast will be scaled to fit the different screen sizes. You can also make gestures of pinching with your fingers on the mobile screen to adjust the zoom to your liking.

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Valve has also made a series of recommendations to optimize the gaming experience. In Android TV recommends connecting the device and the Android device to the router via Ethernet cable. Regarding mobiles, he recommends using the 5 GHz band of the WiFi network, and keep the device at a reasonable distance from the router.

Now available on Android, soon on iOS

The Steam Link beta is available for Android on Google Play, and it will be compatible with Android 5.0 or later. Even so, given the large hardware ecosystem used by this operating system and still a trial version, it remains to be seen how well it works on all devices.

And as for iOS, Valve ensures that the application will reach Apple’s operating system in a few days and that it will be compatible with any device with iOS 10 or later and an Apple TV with tvOS 10.3 or later. We will be attentive to expand the information when the application reaches this operating system

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