Steal in 30 Seconds: Apple’s Bold Robbery Caught on Video

Apple's Bold Robbery Caught
Written by Hassan Abbas

Robbers broke into the Apple store at the height of the working day. Their catch is a few MacBook and iPhone for a round sum.

Stores – a tasty morsel for thieves, and the Apple Store – and even more so. One of Apple’s branded shops was robbed at the weekend.

Last Saturday, on a white day, a group of thieves brazenly broke into the Apple Store and took out 26 devices worth $27,000. The looted shop is located in the Fashion Fair in Fresno, California.

Apple's Bold Robbery Caught

Apple’s Bold Robbery

As can be seen from the video surveillance camera, four men in hoods burst into the store when visitors were there. Everything happened very quickly. They grabbed the equipment on them from the stands and ran away. One of the visitors tried to block the exit but was knocked down by a robber. As reported in the police, among the kidnapped – several laptops MacBook and various models of the iPhone.

During the bold robbery, the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and even the new iPhone X were stolen ,” said Mark Hudson of the city police department.

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Now the police are looking for five guys aged 16 to 18 years, including an accomplice who was driving a car. Law enforcement officials suspect that the gang may be involved in other thefts in the region, which were committed in a similar scenario.

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