Spotify began to fight with fake family subscriptions

Written by Hassan Abbas

Owners of Spotify family subscriptions must live in the same house. Now the service asks to confirm this by sending its GPS coordinates.  The music streaming service Spotify sent some owners of a family subscription an email with a request to confirm their coordinates via GPS. Although the new method of fighting against fake subscriptions is only being tested, it has already caused a flurry of indignation of users on Twitter.

Like many other streaming services, Spotify allows members of one family (up to 5 people) to subscribe to all. Its feature is that each of its members pays significantly less than for an individual subscription. This is used by unscrupulous people who negotiate with absolutely unfamiliar users to make a single subscription to everyone and thus pay a minimum amount.


Now Spotify tests a system of struggle against the above cunning, sending them to the mail a request to confirm their location via GPS (the rules of the service indicate that all owners of a family subscription must live in one place). This caused outrage among users: some believe that sending coordinates is a violation of people’s privacy; Others argue that family members do not always live in the same house.

In an interview with the publication, Quartzy Spotify representatives noted that at the moment they are only testing a new system of fighting fake family subscriptions for a limited number of users from some regions.

It is unlikely that the above-described method of fighting against cunning people will radically change the situation since people can change GPS coordinates and send to Spotify a fake location. However, in this case, it is even more problematic to use the family subscription in the streaming service in an unfair way – some will certainly refuse such an honest subscription for an individual subscription.

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