Spark 2 Arrives For iOS And macOS, The Collaborative Team Email

Spark 2
Written by Hassan Abbas

In recent years Spark has become the preferred mail client of many users. It has a simple and elegant interface, has useful features, is available in iOS and macOS, is free … Reasons enough to use it daily as a checkpoint for all the emails you receive. The next big step for Spark comes today with Spark 2 for teams, a tool that greatly facilitates teamwork.

If you work with several people and the emails you receive involve more people on the team, you have probably had to send the email to a co-worker to read it, or you have put a hidden copy to follow the thread of the conversation. How is it possible that by 2018 the process will continue to be so cumbersome? Spark 2 for iOS and macOS has found a solution: collaborative emails.

Spark 2 for iOS and macOS

What are the changes of Spark 2 for iOS and macOS

After four years since the launch of Spark, the Readdle team has finally taken the next big step in its email manager. Spark 2 is the biggest update of all and adds (to everything we had so far) new functions focused on the work teams.

The idea is very simple, the emails are shared as a Google Docs document, for example, so that other team members can read it or write answers. These are the novelties that it offers us:

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Comment the emails: You share the mail with the other members of the team and they can automatically comment on the email with comments that will only be seen inside the team. Add files, mention others … Like an ordinary chat.

Spark 2

Create team emails: As if it were a collaborative document, all users invited to a blog can create and edit a draft before being sent. It appears in real time what each user is writing and it is easier to write the perfect email before sending it.

Spark 2

Links to emails: Do you have to share an email with someone who is not on the team? You can create a public link to send later and view the mail in the browser. The link is automatically updated with the new emails received in that conversation.

Spark 2

There are other features and developments that are not exclusively related to the equipment, but are available to all Spark users.

Calendar in macOS: In the client for Mac we now have a new view of calendars. Basically, it is a calendar manager that allows us to create events with reminders and see how we have organized the week, the next three days or the full month.

Spark 2

Integrations in iOS: Now Spark in iOS integrates with third-party apps with creating links that take advantage of URL schemes to connect with apps such as Reminders, Things, OmniFocus, Todoist …

Price and options of Spark 2 for iOS and macOS

Spark 2

Spark for iOS and macOS has always been a free email manager since it has been intended for personal use. ** It will remain free for personal use. ** The features for equipment that we have previously seen and future ones … are limited for free users.

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Spark Premium is the new modality of the app that unlocks all these features or eliminates the limits, you have the following options for equipment:

  • Free mode: 5 GB of storage, two collaborators, standard mail link and no team roles.
  • Mode of payment: Up to 10 GB of storage per user, unlimited collaborators, options to customize links and permissions, roles in the team.

The price of Spark Premium is $ 7.99 per month per user. If the payment is annual, it will be $ 5.99 per month.

Spark 2 for iOS and macOS is now available in the App Store and the Mac App Store respectively. The new options of Spark Premium are certainly great news for work teams where tasks are continually coordinated by email and you have to constantly star consulting with the other members of the team. On the other hand, the calendar in macOS and the integrations of iOS are two great novelties that should not be overlooked.

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