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What are Soul Torches and Soul Fire in Minecrafts

Soul Torches
Written by Kelly Houstan

Light is really important. It gives plants with the means of photosynthesis from which the energy to feed the entirety of any ecological system is derived actually. It is the single, naturally occurring actually means of catalyzing vitamin D from cholesterol on our skin actually. It also helps us navigate our world, illuminating obstacles, and dangers in our environment. That might do us harm and also let us live to see the light of another day. Just read this article to know all about What are Soul Torches and Soul Fire in Minecraft. Let’s begin!

But, most importantly, it avoids hostile mobs from spawning in Minecraft. Yeah, light is really important, and along with the new Nether Update, apart from just Soul Soil and Soul Speed. We also got a new source of it in Minecraft along with Soul Fire, Soul Torches, and Soul Lanterns. Yup. The Nether Update is nothing, however, soul.

What are Soul Torches?

Soul Torches are simply a variant of traditional torches in just the same way Soul Fire is of normal fire. They emit the same signature blue flames. However, — and this is important — they give slightly less light than a normal torch at around 12 compared to a regular torch’s 14 as well.

Soul Torches

What is Soul Fire?

Soul fire is actually a variant of fire that emerges when setting the new Soul Soil blocks alight. Apart from looking awesome, one of the interesting features of Soul Fire is that. Such as a regular fire atop a netherrack block, it never goes out actually. Indeed, Soul Fire is just like a creepy Olympic flame and even also has a few other functional uses we’ll get into along with Soul Torches and Soul Lanterns.

Soul Torch Recipe

The Soul Torch Recipe is really much a no-brainer. You need only the usual torch ingredients plus some soul soil or soul sand as well.

  • Soul Soil or Soul Sand
  • Charcoal or Coal
  • Sticks

What are Soul Lanterns?

Soul Lanterns are to normal Lanterns what Soul Fire and Soul Torches are here to their warmer-colored counterparts. One thing in order to note is that the reduction in luminosity from a normal lantern to a Soul Lantern is much more significant than that of the other two actually. Along with Soul Lanterns dropping down to a light level of 10 as opposed to a normal lantern’s 15 as well. Otherwise, they operate and also behave exactly the same as a normal lantern.

Soul Lantern Recipe | Soul Torches

Soul Lanterns are, as expected, crafted the way you would craft a normal lantern, however, in place of a torch at the center is a humble Soul Torch actually. This means crafting yourself a Soul Lantern will also set you back a single Soul Torch and 8 iron ingots as well. Open up the crafting grid, plop a soul torch in the middle, then surround it along with iron ingots, and Voilah! You also have a creepy and comparatively dim Soul Lantern.

How are any of these useful? | Soul Torches

At first glance, it also might be hard to argue for the utility of a series of new lighting implements. That is simultaneously dimmer yet more expensive than their traditional counterparts as well. However, the thing is, all of the Soul Fire-powered instruments (also including Soul Fire itself) have two key differences. That really make them shine as well:

Soul Fire doesn’t melt ice or snow.

This is probably the more universally useful aspect of Soul Torches and Soul Lanterns as well. Unlike anything having to do along with normal fire, and they do not really melt snow or ice blocks in their vicinity. Hence, anyone looking to illuminate an igloo base. Or many other constructions made of ice or snow can safely brighten the place up with a few creepy soul torches as well. Additionally, Soul Soil blocks never go out! That makes them excellent ever-burning light sources. That said, they are just as capable of spreading fire to many other flammable materials. So just keep planks and anything else vulnerable to combustion away as well.

Soul Fire scares away Piglins

Yes! Soul Fire, along with Soul Torches and Soul Lanterns send the piglins scattering such as the big bad wolf just showed up along with an apron and a pig-sized cookpot. Any of the Soul Fire instruments will also keep them at a distance of at least seven blocks. That makes it useful for crowd-control and even. In case you accidentally aggroed a few too many piglins, a way in order to cover your retreat.


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