Soon in Pokémon GO you can Make Friends and Exchange Pokémon

Pokémon GO
Written by Hassan Abbas

Despite the fact that Pokémon GO has long lost its popularity, the game is still alive and continues to receive updates. At the end of this week, Niantic Labs will provide its creation with one of the biggest updates. The main novelties of the patch will be a list of friends and a mechanic of exchanging Pokemon.

In order to make friends with someone in the Pokémon GO, you will need to find out the personal “coach code” assigned to a particular user, or throw off your own. After the request for friendship is accepted, you can study the statistics of a friend in his profile.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Friend

Good relations with other fans of monsters promise various bonuses – buddies will be allowed to send gifts. Among them there may be useful items, including exclusive eggs, for example, yellow – if you walk seven kilometers, the alo-lan Pokemon hatches from it.

Playing Pokémon GO together with a friend, you will pump the level of friendship. In total, there are four stages – “A good friend”, “Excellent friend”, “Ultradrug” and “Best friend”. The stronger the friendship, the more noticeable advantages it gives – for example, if you fight in the training hall with an “ultra-friendly”, the increase in damage will be higher than in the case of a “good friend.”

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The second important innovation of the update is the opportunity to exchange pets with other players. In fact, this function was advertised even in the debut trailer Pokémon GO, but it will be implemented only in the nearest update. At least until the system will work only locally – to start barter, you and your adherent should be close. Another condition of the exchange – you need to reach the 10th level.

Pokémon GO Friends Battle

Pokémon GO Friends Battle

For the transfer of Pokemon have to pay in-game currency – stardust. The price of the deal depends on how well you are familiar with the second participant: from the best friends, only 40 thousand will be taken, while from the ordinary ones – one million.

Also, special types of exchange will be available to the friends, allowing the transfer of legendary, exclusive for the regions and shining Pokémon. Such transactions will cost users more than usual.

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While the developers do not intend to add to the Pokémon GO an online exchange function. The reason is simple – the authors want to strengthen the social component game, not simplifying the process of obtaining animals to the limit.

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