Sony Abandoned its Launcher for Android

Sony Pixel Launcher
Written by Hassan Abbas

One of the developers of Xperia Home, a proprietary user interface from Sony for smartphones and tablets on Android, announced the termination of work on new features for the launcher. About what the user interface will receive the upcoming smartphones of the Japanese company, nothing is known.

According to the official announcement, the developers will only support their launcher, eliminating possible bugs. Soon, the community closes in Google+, in which Sony has published a beta version of Xperia Home. This is not surprising since there will be no new functions in the user interface – therefore, there is nothing to test the community. At the beginning of its development, Xperia Home was quite innovative: for example, this launcher was the first to receive support for Google Feed (among the shells of all OEMs).

Sony Pixel Launcher

Sony Pixel Launcher

What will replace Xperia Home in future Sony devices – is unknown. Most likely, the Japanese corporation will create a user interface based on Pixel Launcher. Also, it is possible that Sony will switch to the release of gadgets for the Android One- with a “clean” version of the operating system (without the shell and launcher from the manufacturer). But these are only assumptions.

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