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Some Of the Best Plex Alternatives _2021

Plex Alternatives
Written by Lara John

Plex Alternatives

Most of the users have zero knowledge about the plex and Plex Alternatives. But you guys no need to worry. Because Techgenesis help you To learn about this topic. So, read this article till the end! So, Plex is one of the best Media servers to store pictures, videos, and music on smartphones or PCs. This is even though there are many video and music streaming apps available. Still, these Media server apps are here. Also, the media server apps can easily manage files. Then you can also create your own Netflix with the help of the customization tool. You can also create your library and also organize it well.

Now, All of the Plex users can only play online content from the media server. They will also have multiple streaming portals and also services. Just like the Netflix and YouTube. In this case, the Plex has a free version but this does not support all of the given features. On the other hand, the paid version also gives access to parenting controls. A DVR & Live TV, and mobile sync. Although, this app is not for everyone. Then here it comes to the best alternatives to Plex. In case, if you want easy streaming media. You can also check out the list of Plex Alternatives given below.

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Some Of The Best Plex Alternatives You Should Try:

So, there are many media server apps available in the market. Also, all apps are good few of them are. Moreover, all of the apps do not provide useful content and also management. You just have to get rid of all such problems. Now, here are some of the best Plex Alternatives that you can also use in 2021.

1. Plex Alternatives: A Kodi

A Kodi is also known as “XBMC”. This is also a free software solution that is an entertainment center. It is as well as software media players. Now, there is one of the best Plex alternatives is Kodi. This can also be a digital media source for home theatre computers.

Plex Alternatives

Now, with high compatibility, this software media solution also offers different hardware platforms and also operating systems. This will also offer all of the key elements that are just like you can also organize the media content. It is easily done through UI, also this will support the audio, video, and picture formats. Now, this is one of the best things about this software is that it is a free app.

On the other hand, this has a neat artwork and also has some of the different categories. Now, you can also create a library of your favorite movie collection. This will also look great in a separate section. Now, there is also a personal slideshow that gives fun to share your photos.

This is Available on Platforms:

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi,  Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Xbox, and more.

Download: Kodi Software

2. The Universal Media Player:

Plex Alternatives

A Universal Media Player is also one of the best alternatives to Plex. Although, this does not have a classy interface. Also, this will offer and many of the great features. Now, you can also manage the media efficiently with this software. Also, it has a powerful transcoder, and then it will also support many of the different formats of media. This is with this app and you don’t need to worry about which media formats you have. Also, it will allow you to do whatever you need.

This is Available on platforms:

Windows, macOS, Linux, NAS Devices

Get a Universal Media Player

3. The Emby Plex Alternatives:

So, Emby is also a very simple software that has great flexibility. You have to keep all of the media that is well organized as you keep in Plex. Now, you don’t need to keep your media in the right order. Then there is also an auto-organization function available. Now, this will automatically convert the media in real-time so that you can easily stream it on any device.

Also, it has a great neat and clean interface. You have to navigate your files and also access them easily. In this case, the user can easily stream live TV without any internet issues. At the same time, the Plex software will also offer a super handy parental control feature. So, this will also allow you and also control any type of content.

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Now, as usual, the free trial doesn’t give access to all the features. In this case, you need to get the Premium version of $4.99/ month and get all the features.

The Available on Platforms:

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Web, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, NAS Devices.

Download: Emby

4. The Media Portal:

A Media Portal is also having an entertainment hub that not only handles media. They will also monitor the full library. Now, this also has so many great media that will organize the tools. It is Just like Plex, and this will also allow you to deal with the different files. When you are talking about streaming, then the Media Portal is compatible with many of the different media formats. Also, when you are streaming then you won’t be done with any kind of buffering.

media portal

Available on Platforms: 

Windows, Android, Web

Download: Media Portal

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5. A Windows Media Services

Having Windows Media Services is also one of the best things. In case, if you are a Windows user. Then this With you and then it can also comfortably create streaming media and can manage your files with useful tools.

This will also support only a few formats that are just like Windows Media, JPEG, and MP3 formats. Having Windows Media Services that has a clean User Interface and also has great compatibility. Now, Even though it does not have high-end features. Then you can easily use it. You have to use it you need to download and install it with Windows.

This is Available on Platforms:


Download: Windows Media Services

6. Plex Alternatives: A Streama

Also, with the help of Streama, that one can have their personal Netflix. This also has a great user-interface and also it is very easy to use. Also, as per your choice, you can organize the files. The Episode Browser will also help you to keep your episodes tab and also access them easily. Now, you can also see all the recently watched movies, and then you can also start watching from where you left.

An Available on Platforms:

Windows, Linux, and Android

Download: Streama

7. The OSMC:


In case, if you want a free and also open-source media server app then this OSMC is the one. You will also look to the app that is modern also this will grab the attention of everyone. Now, the one that can easily create the media server with the OSMC and can export the files easily.

In this case, you can quickly access your media with the help of FTP, SMB, or UPnP protocol. Also, one thing that you have to make this app unique, which is it has an App Store inside with which you can download plenty of music and TV services.

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Now, All of the Plex users can only play online content from the media server. They will also have multiple streaming portals and also services. Just like the Netflix and YouTube. In this case, the Plex has a free version but this does not support all of the given features. Use the above guide and then try the Plex alternatives. After that share your reviews about the above apps in the comments section.

Hope you like this! Which alternative app do you like most?

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