Some iPhone XS and XS Max do not charge via Lightning

iPhone Lightning Charging
Written by Hassan Abbas

About a strange bug reported dozens of users. It is possible that the problem is related to iOS 12, and it will be resolved in the near future. Several owners of new smartphones iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max complained about the incorrect work of the company’s Lightning cable when charging. It is reported that the devices do not start charging after the cable is connected if the screen is turned off. Apple is already aware of the problem of dozens of users around the world.

Reports of a defect have appeared in the Apple support communities, the MacRumors edition forum, the Reddit portal, and the social networks Twitter and YouTube. In most cases, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max start charging when the user lifts the smartphone and activates the screen. Nevertheless, a number of users wrote that to charge their smartphones you need both to wake up the iPhone and to disconnect and reconnect the Lightning cable to start the charging process. In more rare cases, iPhone with the screen off stops responding completely.

iPhone Lightning Charging

Popular blogger Lewis Hilsenteger demonstrated the problem on his YouTube channel Unbox Therapy. As an experiment, he used one iPhone X and four iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. While the Lightning iPhone immediately started charging, two iPhone XS and three iPhone XS Max did not. In the comments to the video, some users also confirmed the presence of a strange bug in their iPhone.

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At the moment it is not known how widespread the so-called Chargegate is. It is assumed that the problem is related to the software, so it can be solved by the release of one of the future updates of iOS 12. Meanwhile, the solution to the problem is not found, and if you encounter this bug, we recommend contacting Apple support. The company itself has not commented on the situation among the media.

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