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How to Fix Snapchat Updating Messages Notification

snapchat updating messages
Written by Kelly Houstan

Well, many users have complained about Snapchat notifications not working, and just like every app, you guys won’t keep up with your connections without prompt notifications. Snapchat also sends notifications for many actions, not only when you receive a Snap or message. It also alerts you when a screenshot is taken or also even when a close friend posts an update. Just read this to know all about How to Fix Snapchat Updating Messages Notification. Let’s begin!

Well, fixing the Snapchat notification challenge is not as tough as it looks. As the options are all in your settings. In this guide, we’ll go over the various issues that may also cause Snapchat notifications not to work, as well as how you can repair the problem.

Why does Snapchat say updating messages?

There’s the perennial network problem that basically afflicts everyone from time to time. A poor connection or one that restricts your network access is actually one of the more probable. And likely reasons that why Snapchat is stuck on sending messages and keeps notifying you about it constantly. This is also why you guys may be seeing the “updating messages” notification constantly pop up.

However, if your connection is strong, then the only other reason is the app itself. A recent Snapchat update has been known to cause these kinds of errors as well. Many times, the issue resolves itself and your messages go through. However, if that doesn’t happen, you might have to try the following options in order to see if the error goes away.

How to Fix Snapchat Updating Messages Notification

Just make sure to go through the possible fixes in the manner in which they’re given. This is to make sure that you can cross off the most common problems first and narrow down the issue when you go. Later, we will look at how you can refuse Snapchat access to silent notifications so the “updating messages” notifications don’t appear.

Restart Snapchat

Whenever in the middle of a conversation a message fails to send, then restarting the application is the fastest way to delete the stuck message and start fresh as well.

To do that, just remove the application from the multitasking window. This window is accessed differently on different devices as well. On iPhone, swipe up and hold from the bottom (or double-click the home button). On Android, just click on the Recents button (square navigational button, you know) or also use the “bottom swipe up” gesture.

In the Recent screens, stop the app via closing it. You can do that via swiping up the app’s screen. After stopping Snapchat, then just open the app again from your app drawer or home screen shortcut. If that doesn’t work and the message is still there, then just move on to the next step.

Check your internet connection

First and foremost, you have to check your network connection strength. A slow and interrupted connection is most likely cause a break in information and transfer and then get your message stuck. If you’re on the move, then you may also have network issues in remote regions. And if you’re accidentally connect to a network  (for instance, in a hotel or a coffee shop) then that restricts your internet access.

snapchat updating messages

Make sure you guys have a halfway decent connection before you try out the other fixes. If you’re someone who uses a VPN, then you guys might also try to close the connection and trying again.

Reboot your phone

Rebooting your phone resets the operating system and deletes everything from the RAM. This can many times be enough to solve the issue. However, it is recommends to closing the app first and then restart. Rebooting the phone also resets all network connections that could resolve any possible network issues.

Log out of Snapchat and Log back in

Many times, a simple thing as logging out of the app and logging back in does the trick and also resolves the issue. Being a simple one to do, especially along with password managers these days, then this should be among the first things that you try.

If you’ve never logged out of Snapchat after your initial login, then here’s how to do that:

  • Open Snapchat and on any of the homepage screens then tap on your avatar/profile icon.
  • Then click on Settings (gear icon) at the top right corner.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom and click on Log out.
  • Then log back in and also see if the issue is fixed.

Update the Snapchat app

Users started reported this issue first after a Snapchat update as well. However, that was a few months ago. Since then, there have been a lot of updates and it is possible that updating your app to the latest version might resolve the issue for good as well. This is specifically true for those who’re not sure if automatic updates for apps are turning on or not. Just head to the Play Store or the App Store, search for “Snapchat” and then download the update if one is available.

Hide Silent Notifications in Status Bar

If you guys don’t see silent notifications in Snapchat’s notification settings, then there’s one other thing that you can do to stop seeing the “updating message” message as well. You can also turn off (and hide) silent notifications from appearing in the status bar entirely as well. In order to do this, open the Settings app and click on Notifications.

  • Then scroll down and then just toggle On Hiding silent notifications in the status bar.
  • On some OEM skins (such as Oppo’s ColorOS), then you can also restrict Snapchat’s access to silent notifications entirely. In order to do that, long-press the Snapchat app icon, head to App info, and then select Notifications. Here, toggle off “Quiet Notifications” and “Silent Notifications” as well.

Turn off Snapchat’s ‘Messages Reminder’ entirely

You guys can also turn off Messages Reminders completely from Snapchat’s Notification settings.

  • For this head to Settings as shown before and then click on Notifications.
  • Here, just toggle off Message reminders.

It might seem like overkill for a recurring, however, passive notification. However, this can be an option if nothing else works for you and the “messages updating” notifications still keep popping up as well.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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