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How to Fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working

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2015-16 saw the rise of Snapchat, a new form of story-based social media platform. Snapchat permits users to share short video clips of 10 seconds and photos (officially called Snaps). That can only be viewed by their friends and followers for 24 hours, post which the content will actually disappear for good. Snapchat also came up with the same approach to chatting. The messages (photos, videos, or also text) when checked disappear forever. The platform has seen meteoric growth in its numbers since the release of a stable version and also currently attracts up to 229 million daily active users. The popularity of the disappearing story-based content forced many other platforms in the market such as Instagram, Whatsapp, and even Twitter now to adopt it as well. Just read this article to know all about How to Fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working. Let’s begin!

There have always been some differences, either in the camera quality as well as features, between the iOS version of Snapchat and the Android one. Although, an issue that is really common to both of them is that the notifications stop working randomly. The issue has reports via many users and can cause via a number of reasons. For starters, if the application doesn’t really have the appropriate permissions, then the notifications will not work. Other possible reasons also include Do Not Disturb mode is active. A bug in the current version of the application, also cache overload, as well. Notifications are important to know when a friend or loved one actually has sent a message. To not miss out on someone drunk dancing on their story, or to get alerted if a message you sent was screenshotted, as well.

How to Fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working

The Snapchat problem at hand is not really severe at all. Executing all the below solutions shall only take you about 5-10 minutes. We will first make sure that Snapchat has all the permission it needs to function normally. The list also includes permission to push notifications to the phone’s home screen and to stay active in the background as well. If permissions aren’t an issue, users can try clearing the temporary cache and many other app data, update to the latest version as well as reinstall Snapchat. If the Snapchat notifications recently started to misbehave, then just try the below quick solutions first.

Sign Out and Back in – This nifty trick has just to fix a lot of issues along with online services. Signing out and in again resets the session as well. Additionally, you guys can also clear the app from your recent apps section in order to fix a faulty instance. To Sign out: just click on your profile icon and then on the gear icon in order to open Snapchat Settings. Just scroll all the way down and tap on Log Out. Then confirm your action and then swipe away Snapchat from the recent apps tray.

Restart your device – Go ahead and restart your Android/iOS phone once and then check if Snapchat notifications start working again. In order to restart, tap and hold the physical power button and select the appropriate option from the power menu.

Make sure Snapchat is Allowed to Send Notifications

The last few years actually have seen users grow a lot more concerned about their privacy and this has forced the manufacturers. In order to allow them complete control over what permissions every application on their phone has. Access to camera and microphone aside, users can also control if a specific application is allowed to push notifications. Generally, whenever the user opens an application for the first time, then pop-up messages requesting all the required permissions appear. An accidental ‘No’ tap on the notifications permission message may be why they do not really seem to work actually. Nevertheless, users can also enable notifications for an application from device settings.

  • Open the Settings application on your mobile device.
  • Then on an iOS device, locate the Notifications option and click on it. Relying on the Android device manufacturer (OEM), click on Apps & Notifications or Applications in the Settings menu.
  • Sort all the installed applications alphabetically and then scroll down until you find Snapchat. Click to view details.
  • iOS users can also simply toggle the Allow Notifications switch to On position in order to permit Snapchat to push notifications. A few Android users, on the other hand, will have to tap on Notifications first and then enable them.

Snapchat Notifications Not Working

If the notifications were already enabled for Snapchat, then simply toggle the switches to off and then just back on to refresh the settings.

Check if Snapchat Push Notifications are Enabled

Users need to customize Snapchat notifications to their liking. Such as: enable story post notifications for a special someone, friend suggestions, mentions, also disabling them all together, as well. from within the application. It is also possible that you accidentally toggled off notifications the last time you were in there as well as a new update disabled them automatically. So let’s head down to the Snapchat setting and then make sure that isn’t the case.

  • You have to open up your App drawer and tap on the Snapchat icon to launch the application. If you guys aren’t already logged in, enter your username/mail address, password, and click on the login button.
  • Click on your Profile picture (Bitmoji or a white ghost surrounded via a dotted-yellow background) at the top-left corner and then click on the cogwheel settings icon. That basically appears on the other corner to access Snapchat settings.
  • In the My Account section, just find the Notifications option and click on it (On Android devices: Notification Settings is located under the Advanced section as well).
  • Now on the following screen, individual toggle switches (or also checkboxes) in order to control. If the app pushes notifications of stories from friends, friend suggestions, mentions, memories, birthdays, as well. will be present. Enable all of them in order to receive all notifications or only the particular ones that do not seem to work.
  • Then at the bottom of the screen, tap on Manage Story Notifications if you guys aren’t being notified of stories posted via a specific person or any other brand accounts.
  • Type the concerned person’s name in the search bar and then click on Done to get notified every time they post a new story.

Clear Snapchat App Cache | Snapchat Notifications Not Working

Every application on our mobile device creates temporary cache data in order to provide a snappier experience. While cache data doesn’t really have anything to do with notifications, an overload of them can surely give rise to a number of software issues actually. So we recommend you regularly clear cache data of all applications on your phone as well

  • You have to Launch the Snapchat application and then access its in-app settings (see step 2 of the first method).
  • Now scroll down the settings menu and then click on the Clear Cache option.
  • Now on the following pop-up, click on the Continue button to delete all cache files.

Snapchat Notifications Not Working

Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

Well, apart from the general sound profile on our devices, there are also the Silent and Do Not Disturb modes. Both of them are intended to keep distractions at bay. Whenever users have to concentrate on something in the offline world. The Do Not Disturb mode is actually a lot stricter than the Silent mode and doesn’t really allow any kind of notifications to push on the home screen. If you guys have the DND mode active, then just follow the below steps to disable it and receive all notifications again.

  • Now on either of the devices, open Settings.
  • Just Do Not Disturb setting on iOS is listed in the main menu itself when on Android, you can find the DND setting under Sound.
  • Just simply Disable Do Not Disturb mode from here.

Well, iOS users can also disable-enable Do Not Disturb from the control center itself as well. And Android users can also add a shortcut tile for the same in their notification tray as well.

Update or Reinstall Snapchat | Snapchat Notifications Not Working

A final solution to the ‘Snapchat Notifications not working’ issue is just to reinstall the application altogether as well. An inherent bug may also be causing the issue and hopefully, the developers have fixed them in the latest build. In order to update Snapchat:

  • You have to open the Play Store on Android devices and the App Store on iOS.
  • Now type Snapchat in the search bar in order to look for the same and tap on the very first search result.
  • Click on the Update button to upgrade to the latest version of the application.
  • If updating didn’t help and notifications continue to elude you, then Uninstall Snapchat altogether.

On iOS – Tap & hold on to the Snapchat app icon, click the Remove button that appears at the top-right corner of the icon, and choose Delete from the ensuing dialog box. You will have to confirm your action via tapping on Delete again.

On Android – There are actually a couple of different methods in order to uninstall an application on Android. The easiest way would be just to head down Settings > Applications. Click on the Application that you would like to remove and choose Uninstall.

  • Now restart your device after the uninstallation.
  • Go back to the Play Store or App Store and then install Snapchat again.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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