Smartphone With 9 Cameras will Appear Already this Year

Smartphone With 9 Cameras
Written by Hassan Abbas

Now the vast majority of modern smartphones have at least two cameras: the main and front. Some mobile devices are equipped with dual cameras, both front, and rear. In March this year, Huawei released the first smartphone with a triple main camera, and LG is rumored to be preparing a camera with five cameras (three on the rear panel and two on the front). However, Lightbox’s smartphone with 9 photo modules can become a record holder.

As the Washington Post writes, at the moment Light is testing several prototypes of such devices in cooperation with manufacturers of smartphones. There are options that use 5 to 9 modules with a total resolution of 64 megapixels. One of them is promised to be put into serial production before the end of this year.

Smartphone With 9 Cameras

It is worth noting that Light previously announced a self-contained camera with 16 lenses called L16. The device allows you to simultaneously use 10 cameras, 13 Mp resolution, which make photos with different focal lengths. The images obtained from all the sensors are connected in one shot with a resolution of 52 megapixels. This technology is called Multi-Camera Light, probably it will be used in smartphones.

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The cost of such a “multicamper” smartphone is too early to say. For manufacturers of mobile devices this is a novelty, so the first devices will be clearly very expensive and niche. Given that the Light L16 camera is currently offered for $1950, a smartphone with nine cameras will cost at least $2 thousand.

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